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Professional Services Automation for outcome-driven professionals who love Google Workspace
B2B services firms around the world use VOGSY’s Quote-to-Cash ERP for services and native Gmail, Docs, Drive and Sheets integration to run their businesses smarter and more profitably. VOGSY lets you plan, execute, track and optimize your services lifecycle, all from a familiar Google interface. 

What is VOGSY?

VOGSY is the only PSA purpose-built for Google Workspace users. As a Quote-to-Cash solution, VOGSY seamlessly ties together all your critical business operations, including:
* Project Planning and Management
* Resource and Revenue Forecasting
* Resource Planning and Management
* Time and Expense Tracking
* Real-Time Data and Insights
* Task Management
* Finance and Billing
* Reporting

Why choose VOGSY?

No other PSA rivals VOGSY in its power to enhance productivity, predictability and profit margins. With real-time performance information on deals, clients, projects, resources and your business, VOGSY gives you complete control. 
If your business is struggling with information silos like so many Professional Services firms do, VOGSY will eliminate them instantly. Centralizing and integrating your teams’ workflows, data and documents with VOGSY and Google Workspace, you’ll harness real-time collaboration and transparency for your Sales, Project Delivery and Accounting teams.

Whether you’re an executive, a manager or other professional working in sales, finance, operations or project management, you can get your job done faster and easier with VOGSY. 

Key Google Workspace integration features

* Automated Drive file structures:
VOGSY builds your file structures for you in Drive to help you keep project and client documents organized and make them instantly shareable.

* Docs-based quotes and invoices:
Use Docs-based templates to manage easily brandable quotes and invoices. 

* Automated quoting and billing integrated with Gmail:
VOGSY creates quotes and invoices in a few clicks. They’ll be sent to your clients automatically from Gmail.

* VOGSY’s Gmail Add-on:
See relevant customer, deal and project details when you open client emails. @Mention colleagues, start assigning tasks and save the emails to the associated records in VOGSY. All from Gmail.

* Work from your inbox:
You can choose from over 60 workflows to be sent to you through dynamic emails and get time-sensitive work done faster and more efficiently from your Gmail inbox. 

* Customizable Google Sheets reports:
VOGSY provides a wide range of standard reports in Google Sheets. Get more granular and reconfigure the data, update it with VOGSY’s Sheets Add-on.

How easy is it to get started?
Really easy! Remember how simple it was with Google Workspace? That’s what you can expect from VOGSY. 
Our specialists help you, onboard and launch your business into a whole new level of efficiency. 
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Shakirah Akinwale
October 14, 2020
This is amazing so far. I feel like I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop cuz it seems to good to be true.
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A User of VOGSY
June 28, 2020
i am new to it but try to use it
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A User of VOGSY
January 7, 2020
Absolutely brilliant!
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3 Magic Beans
November 6, 2019
Nice to synch up billing, project time tracking and new tools that bring balance and forecasting to my work. If you offer creative services you can unite your team data in one place so it's a pretty valuable tool. Plus, it's Google, it's easy to onboard because we're already familiar with G Suite.
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Profile Pciture
A user of VOGSY
November 17, 2019
yes awesume thank you
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