Allows bloggers to analyze their own website's internal links, external links and image alt text for SEO purposes.
Listing updated:June 14, 2023
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Introducing the “Web Page and Link Checker” Google Sheets™ Add-On: Unlock the Power to Optimize Your Website’s Linking Structure!

Are you a website owner looking to boost your site’s search engine rankings and enhance its overall performance? Do you want to ensure that your internal and external links are optimized for maximum visibility and efficiency? Look no further! The Web Page and Link Checker App is here to revolutionize the way you analyze and manage your website’s linking structure.

With the Web Page and Link Checker Add-On, you gain access to a powerful set of features and benefits designed to empower you in understanding and improving your website’s link architecture. Let’s explore how this indispensable tool can take your website to new heights:

Uncover Hidden Opportunities: Gain valuable insights into your website’s internal links with the Internal Link Interlinking Report. Discover the strength and relevance of your internal linking structure, identify opportunities for improvement, and enhance your site’s overall navigational experience.

Streamline Your Link Strategy: Dive deep into your internal links with the Incoming and Outgoing Internal Link Reports. Understand the flow of link equity within your website, optimize anchor texts and rel attributes, and ensure a seamless user journey across your site’s pages.

Harness the Power of External Links: Maximize the potential of your external links with the External Link Report. Analyze the number of external links per page, evaluate their rel attributes, and optimize anchor texts to drive targeted traffic, improve credibility, and boost your site’s authority.

Analyze Alt Text for Enhanced Optimization: Enhance the accessibility and search engine friendliness of your website’s images with the Alt Text Analysis feature. Ensure that every image on your site has descriptive alt text, increasing its visibility to search engines and improving the overall user experience.

Simplify Your Workflow: With the Web Page and Link Checker Add-On, there’s no need to install additional WordPress plugins or rely on multiple tools to analyze your internal and external links. Streamline your workflow by using a single, comprehensive solution right within Google Sheets™.
By leveraging the Web Page and Link Checker Add-On, you save time, effort, and resources while achieving a higher level of website optimization. Enjoy the convenience of seamlessly integrating this powerful tool into your existing Google Sheets™ workflow, eliminating the need for additional plugins or complex setups.

Don’t let your website’s linking structure hold you back from achieving the visibility and success you deserve. Try the Web Page and Link Checker Add-On today and take control of your website’s link architecture like never before!
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