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WebExtract is a scalable no-code web scraper designed to extract data from eCommerce sites across the globe and seamlessly integrate data feeds into google sheets™.
Listing updated:September 28, 2022
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What is  WebExtract?
1.WebExtract is uniquely designed for the non-technical user looking for a self-service add-on for web data access.

Unique Features:
1.No code
2.Scalable (all navigable pages, thousands of URLs)
3.Broad Global eCommerce coverage (140 sources)

Example Input and Output Sheets:
1.Open the link - "" for sample input and output for Category Products scrapers
2.Open the link - "" for sample input and output for Product Details scrapers
3.Open the link - "" for sample input and output for Consumer Posts scrapers

Usage Instructions:
1.Once you install the extension
2.Open the link - "Sheets.New" to open a new google sheet
3.Once new google sheet is opened, look for "Extensions" option in the top pane & click on it to see  "WebExtract" within it
4.Click on "WebExtract" -> "WebExtract Input Sheets" for generating input sheets to be able to start web  scraping
5.Two sheets named "Reference Guide" and "Scraping_Input_Sheet" will be generated
6."Reference Guide" contains instructions on each input field and the list of scrapers which are currently   available
7."Scraping_Input_Sheet" is where user needs to provide the input values to start scraping. Input values which are allowed for the user to scrape are present as part of the "Reference Guide"
8.Once you provide an input, please click on "WebExtract" -> "Start WebExtract" to start scraping data
9.User validation errors show up if unsupported inputs are provided while you click on "Start WebExtract"
10.If the scraping request is accepted, running pop-up shows up
11.Once scraping is completed, a pop-up shows the status called "Scraping Complete"
12.New output sheets would be generated depending on the scraper type
13."Scraper_Status" is a output sheet generated across all scraper types It provides a pass/fail status for the user
14.Pass implies that the link was successfully scraped while fail implies the link could not be scraped
15.Users can filter on the status "Fail" and re-run the URLs to get the output data
16.For status shown as "Fail - Quota Exceeded", user needs to subscribe to the next tiered plan before rescraping
17.To check your Quota Usage, click on "WebExtract" -> "Usage Statistics"
18.Only pass links are considered for usage of existing quota of an user

1.WebExtract is an add-on in Google Workspace Marketplace that has passed security review of Google. The add-on requires minimal permissions.

1.Free trial of 100 pages/month
2.Open the link - "" for subscription details

Support Resources:
1.Please feel free to write an email to for support
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