Scrape data from any website to spreadsheet - No code scraper plus ChatGPT custom formula
Listing updated:April 28, 2023
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WebExtract is a scalable no-code web scraper designed to extract data, and analyze from most sites across the globe and seamlessly integrate data feeds into Google Sheets™. WebExtract also helps to supercharge Google Sheets™ with the power of GPT3, Chat GPT using ML_predict and ML_QNA functions.

WebExtract is uniquely designed for the non-technical user looking for a self-service add-on for:
1. Web data Scraping
2. Consumer reviews topic identification
3. Consumer reviews sentiment analysis
4. WebExtract brings OpenAI GPT-3's AI power to Google Sheets™ with two simple custom functions: 
= ML_predict

Unique Features:
1. No coding required
2. Reviews sentiment analysis and topic identification
3. Scalable with broad coverage (29 sources and all navigable pages)
4. Chatgpt, gpt3 formulae for in the sheet analytics

Reference Guide: 
1. Open the link - "" for list of eCommerce sites we support. 

Open Google Sheets™ by copying "" in a new window and read the usage instructions below to start using the tool

About WebExtract:

Looking for a hassle-free way to extract data from websites into Google Sheets™? Look no further than our no-code website scraping tool! With WebExtract, you can easily extract data from any website without any coding experience or technical knowledge.

WebExtract is designed to make web scraping simple and intuitive. Simply input the website you want to scrape, and our tool will automatically extract the data you need and transfer it to  Google Sheets™ of your choice. 

WebExtract is perfect for anyone who needs to gather data for research, analysis, or any other purpose. Whether you're a marketer looking for competitive intelligence, a researcher collecting data for a study, or a business owner seeking insights into customer behavior, our tool can help you get the data you need quickly and easily.

Overall, WebExtract is a comprehensive scraping tool that combines website scraper functionality, data scraper extension, Amazon scraping, web scraping excel, and more. Whether you're an analyst or a business owner, this tool can help you gather the information you need to make informed decisions and stay ahead of the competition.

So why wait? Try our no-code website scraping tool today and start extracting valuable data from any website into Google Sheets™ in just a few clicks!

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1. WebExtract is an add-on in Google Workspace™ Marketplace that has passed security review of Google. The add-on requires minimal permissions.

1. Free trial of 20 pages/month
2. Free trial of 20 rows of Chat-gpt, gpt 3 formulae

Support Resources:
1. Please feel free to write an email to for support
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