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This add on is the best way to create a WhatsApp Shop out of google sheets and it is easily customizable and sharable.
Listing updated:April 26, 2022
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WhatsApp Shop is an addon to help users make their very own store out of a template from google sheets and is also very easy to use and also install.

It does not matter if you have 100 items to put on your online store or 10, this would work for you just fine. Not only that you can customize each product according to their category and also prices. 

Moreover, you can track your products if they are in stock or not with the help of this template and add on WATI is providing to you. You can also view your store and share it with your friends or potential customers.

WATI’s WhatsApp Shop cannot be simpler and quicker than making instant noodles.

To Get Started With WhatsApp Shop:

After Installing the add-on from G-Suite Marketplace here is what you have to do:
* Open google sheets and create a new spreadsheet.
* Go to addons and you can see WhatsApp Shop -> Create
* After clicking on Create you will see a pop-up that will tell you to start from ‘Demo’.
* When you choose to start from demo your spreadsheet would be auto-filled with a pre-designed template where you can make your edits.
* Now everything is under your control and you can start filling all of your store details according to your store.
* After customizing your spreadsheet and you are ready with all products you can proceed to add ons->WhatsApp Shop->Create.
* Now a pop-up would appear which would show you a glimpse of your store. You can then see the NEXT button.
* After clicking next you can then see another step to do which would ask you to enter your store details and your Store’s WhatsApp Number where you would receive all orders.
* Finally, You can press publish and then share or visit your store.

For a detailed explanation - you can either view the video posted under the install button or can press this link here.

**Top Features:**

* This add on is totally free.
* You do not require any type of coding to make your store.
* You will get a pre-designed template to work on.
* Get your customized store in minutes.
* Share your store easily with a click.
* Option for Delivery or Pickup (Can choose both).
* No limit of products to be listed.
* Beautiful Store Design.

Frequently Asked Questions:

* Is there a price to pay to use the add-on?
- No, this add on is completely free.

* Can we not follow the template and design our template?
- Yes, it is possible but there is a particular structure to follow.

* Can this store be online or is it only for WhatsApp?
- This add on is to turn your sheet into a WhatsApp Store.

* How do we insert images in the images column?
- You can insert images by clicking on the specific cell and then go to insert->image->insert in cell.

* How can we view if someone has ordered from our store?
- You will receive a message on the WhatsApp number you entered while creating your store and the message would have all the important details for the order.

* Is there a constraint to how many products can we enter?
- No, it is completely up to you.

* Where can I see the complete tutorial?  This is the link.
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March 28, 2021
Can we have Delivery Charges feature in the shop system, which can be enabled or disabled?
Is this review helpful?
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mindo joseph
March 6, 2021
This is great! Could you update the currency section to include Kenyan Shillings (KES)?
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Food lea
April 10, 2021
ERROR: when I choose WhatsApp shop and click on create, it starts loading but never finishes the process .... Please look into the issue
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Sistemas Vianney
January 30, 2021
Can you add currency "CRC" Costa Rica Colon ₡
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
August 28, 2021
Cannot modify the language. Its English only. Also you cannot modify available quantity in stock for a certain item. So if i only have one item in physical stock, the buyer can request hundreds of units to cart through the shop. Inconvenient.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
September 10, 2021
Great app.Very simple and easy to use. Consider: - allowing for consumers to be able to type the amount of a certain product they need in addition to using + or -? - products having individual links would be a great addition - option for adding shipping charges, social media links - custom URL - ability to change to store colours and fonts
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Limitless Nature
March 24, 2021
Unable to create shop
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Jitesh Dugar
December 24, 2020
I can't believe it's free to use. Super useful for small business owners.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Aaron ECEL
March 6, 2022
This is going to revolutionise SMEs' business in Uganda. Thanks
Is this review helpful?
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Devarsh Patel
June 30, 2021
So nice
Is this review helpful?
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