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Convert Google Forms into WhatsApp order form. Let your users submit orders to your WhatsApp number.
Listing updated:April 19, 2023
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You are a small business owner who uses WhatsApp to sell products. Your customers find it easy to order them on a chat, but it is a nightmare for you to track these chat messages as orders. With WhatsTarget, you can manage these orders using your favorite tools - Google Forms & WhatsApp. You can convert Google Form into WhatsApp order form in one click and share it with your customers. When your customers submit the form, their order summary will be submitted to your WhatsApp number. You can reply to it and ask for payment and delivery time. These orders can be updated into Google Sheets, so that your delivery team can follow up and deliver them.

▌ Features

Take orders online & receive order summary on your WhatsApp number:
➤ Convert Google Forms into WhatsApp order form in one click
➤ Calculate order amount, shipping fee & discount using formula
➤ Use your local currency & language for orders
➤ Consolidate all your orders in Google Forms and sync them into Google Sheets

Receive orders on your Whatsapp number & follow-up for payments:
➤ Let your customer send their order summary as a chat message to your WhatsApp number
➤ Just reply to this message to coordinate the delivery time with your customer
➤ Get paid from your customer using WhatsApp Payment / UPI for zero transaction fee

Share your order form on WhatsApp:
➤ Generate customized short links for your forms and share it with your customers on WhatsApp
➤ Customize the form to match your branding & gain customer's trust
➤ Open and close order forms to suit your store’s delivery schedule

▌ Pricing:

➤ Free for first 20 responses
➤ $8 for 100 responses per month
➤ $18 for 1000 responses per month

For higher volumes, write to us using the support link below.

▌ Our other addons for Google Forms

➤ Neartail - Take online orders from your customers
Create order forms that are fully functional and easy-to-use for your customers. If you have already created your order form in Google Forms, you can use our Neartail addon to add total amount and summary calculations in your form. You can also use the Neartail templates to create your order form for your restaurant, grocery shop, bakery, fundraising & more.

➤ Peergateway - Accept payment in your Google Forms
Convert your Google Forms into payment forms. You can create your form in Google Forms and use our Peergateway addon to enable payments. Currently you can use PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, PayNow and UPI payments.
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