Real-time and historical stock data, including stock financials, key metrics, and price data for over 50,000 stocks and ETFs.
Listing updated:June 15, 2024
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With Wisesheets, you can forget about wasting hours collecting and organizing financial data for every stock you analyze.

Using simple formulas, you can get the stock data you need for your analysis so you can easily compare and visualize hundreds of stocks at once in a simple view.

Better yet, you can use pre-built stock analysis models built by the community to get inspiration and get your analysis done in a fraction of the time.

Years of financial statements and key metrics in seconds:
• Simply select the company symbol and get the annual financials and quarterly financials going back to 2002 in different tabs of your spreadsheet.
✅Income statement
✅Balance sheet
✅Cash flow statement
✅Stock key metrics
✅Stock growth metrics

Get your custom stock dashboards, screeners, and DCFs done faster than ever:
• Use our custom WISE and WISEPRICE functions and autofill to quickly fill your models and DCF' with all the data you need.

Get stock's real-time price and the following live metrics and refresh them when you want at the push of a button 50,000 stocks and ETFs:
• Symbol
• Name
• Price
• Changes Percentage
• Change
• Day Low
• Day High
• Year High
• Year Low
• Market Cap
• Price Avg 50
• Price Avg 200
• Volume
• Avg Volume
• Exchange
• Open
• Previous Close
• PE
• Shares Outstanding

Get stock’s dividend data, including the dividend, declaration date, and payment date going back to 1985:
• Simply enter =WISEPRICE(“ticker”, “dividend”) and watch your spreadsheet get populated with the dividend data you need

Access historical stock and ETF price data, including open, close, volume, etc:
•  Enter any of these parameters in the WISEPRICE function and then enter the number of days you’d like to get data from or a specific date range.

Example function calls:

=WISE(“AAPL”, “Revenue”, “TTM”)

=WISE(“TSLA”, “Net income”, 2021, “q3”)


=WISEPRICE(“AAPL”, “Close”, 20)

See all data available here:

Need support? Email us at we are happy to help.

50+ Different exchanges covered:
• XETRA (Germany)
• NSE (India)
• LSE (London)
• MCX (Russia)
• SIX (Switzerland)
• HKSE (Hong Kong)
• ASX (Australia)
• OSE (Norway)
• EURONEXT (Europe)
• TSX (Canada)
• EURONEXT (Paris)
• OTC (Over the Counter US)
• Shanghai
• Shenzhen (China)
• Nasdaq Stockholm (Stockholm Sweeden)
• TYO (Tokyo)

And more...

One single financial data source with everything you need. Perfect for long-term investors and value investors.

Make your investing easier and more effective than ever.

Get your free trial account here:

The stock data comes directly from the company's reports and is standardized according to the XBRL US GAAP Taxonomy Preparers Guide.



-Get stock financials as reported to the SEC. No more back and forth between your spreadsheet and the SEC filings. Now you can access the filings data directly on your spreadsheet in just a few clicks.

-Share the latest and best stock templates with the community. You can now edit the templates you upload to Wisesheets.

-Share your favorite stock templates with the community. Upload, your custom Excel or Google Sheets stock analysis templates to be used by the community. 

-Get a company's dividend payment history for only the timeframe you want. Use the WISEPRICE function to get the dividend payment history of a stock or ETF for only a specific timeframe.

-Sanity check your analysis and valuations. Use the WISE function to get future and historical analyst estimates from institutions like Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Citi Group, Barclays, and more.

-Analyze dividend payments for specific years. Use the WISE function to get the sum of the dividend payments made over a specific year.

-Analyze stocks over more company information .Use the WISEPRICE function to get company information such as beta, sector, industry, and more.

-Analyze dividend payment information any way you'd like.Use the WISE function to get individual dividend per share payments on a quarterly basis.

-Analyze segment and geographic revenue breakdowns across multiple time periods at once. Enter a range of periods in the WISE function to get the data across multiple years or quarters.

-Get financials, key metrics, and growth metrics in the order you want. Reverse the statement dump output to show the oldest data available first.

-Get historical segment and geographic revenue breakdowns. Use "segment revenues" and "geographic revenues" in the WISE function to access this data.

-Get real-time and historical price data for indexes like the S&P500. Use an index ticker like ^GSPC in the WISEPRICE function to access this data.

-Get annual and quarterly data in the order you want without worrying about fiscal and calendar dates. Use LY-1, LY-2 etc. and LQ-1, LQ-2 etc. in the WISE function as the period to get the yearly or quarterly data for any previous quarter or year.

-Get all the stock data you need in Google Sheets without running into #errors. Use the refresh error button to refresh all errors all at once.

-Get historical stock and ETF price data, including open, close, volume, etc. Enter any of these parameters in the WISEPRICE function and then enter the number of days you’d like to get data from or a specific date range.

-Access powerful pre-made templates on Excel and Google Sheets in one click. Pick your favorite template from Wise Templates, including DCFs, stock trackers, and watchlists, among others, and make any changes you want!

-New parameters available for the WISE and WISEPRICE functions Parameters like filling date, accepted date, CIK, date, etc. are now available 

-Get a whole bunch of stock data in a single function call. You can now enter a range including multiple parameters and years in the WISE function (vertically and horizontally). 

-Search for ticker and company names within Wisesheets. Forget looking for tickers and the respective company names to use for Statment Dump and the =WISE function. You can now search on the Statement Dump search bar by company name and ticker.

-Get multiple stock's real-time data in a single function call. Instead of a single ticker, you can now enter multiple tickers in the =WISEPRICE function to get all the data you need a lot faster.

-Get all the stock data parameters you want in a single function call. Instead of individual requesting parameters like "revenue" you can now enter a range of parameters in the =WISE function such as "A1:A:5" with those cells containing multiple data points like "net income", "eps" etc.

-Analyze historical stock dividend data directly on your spreadsheet. Use the "dividend" parameter on the =WISEPRICE function to get all the dividends paid by a particular company along with the payment date, declaration date etc.

-See stock financials as reported by the company to the SEC. Change the Statement Dump output to SEC as reported to get the company financials reported to the SEC without standardization (in BETA).

-Use Google Finance and Wisesheets to get all the stock data you need

-Compare company stock data based on the latest year and quarter available. Forget about knowing the different company fiscal years and quarters use the "ly" and "lq" period types in the =WISE function to get the latest year and latest quarter of data for your analysis. 

-Get stock financials and real-time data for OTC and penny stocks. Use Statement Dump and the =WISE and =WISEPRICE functions to perform any analysis of your choice. 

-Compare companies across TTM key metrics and financials. Use the "ttm" period instead of a specific year in the =WISE function to retrieve key metrics or financials calculated based on the trailing twelve months. 

-Get the date and period of specific historical data via the =WISE function Use the "date" and "period" parameters to know exactly the date and quarter of a particular period. 

-Get real-time stock data such as price, volume, pe. You can use the new =WISEPRICE function to get real-time stock data and refresh it as often as you wish. 

-Get all the historical data you need across Excel and Google Sheets. You can now use Wisesheets on Google Sheets and combine it with GOOGLEFINANCE to get all the stock data you need. 

-Easily compare companies across key metrics and growth metrics. These metrics are now accessible via the =WISE function. 

-Get the historical financials your choice. Use the =WISE function for any stock analysis model of your choice. 

-Get all stock financials and key metrics in one click. Simply enter the company ticker on the Statement Dump Menu and select quarterly or annual data. 


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Profile Picture
Dale Raichman
December 8, 2023
Wisesheets is outstanding. The data is well formatted and extracts information that would take you days if not weeks of full-time work in Excel before you had it to analyze. Moreover, there are formulas and quantitative stock-picking strategies out there that work if applied with discipline. To model the strategies is one thing , getting the data is another. They have stayed ahead of the curve to apply current technology to the equity analysis field and present available data in an easy-to-use format at a very reasonable price. Finally, their chat forum on Discord is invaluable and the developers will go out of their way to make things simpler for you or to answer questions, instead of charging an additional fee to do it. I honestly spent a while just finding out about XBRL, let alone something that extracts the data so efficiently using Excel Dynamic Arrays and other functionalities. Once I knew what XBRL was and played around with a not-yet-fully-developed Beta version, I knew there had to be something out there that did it properly. Fantastic value and highly recommended.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Suresh Kumar
April 15, 2024
Very unreliable. Off late the formula =wise("AAPL","dividend yield","ttm") does not work. Most of the time it works and this is not for prime time. FYI I am a paid subscriber
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Dilosen Naicker
June 28, 2023
Does what it says on the tin - very robust and it is perfect to work with. I give it a 5/5 even though there are some cons, but the support most certainly makes up for that loss in one star. Pros: Works well when intergrated with Sheets. Simple interface, with straight-forward documentation. The functions are 'common sense' which makes the documentation readable and easy to implement. Cons: Lacks some markets and company data. This is a problem, especially for stocks outside of the US markets, but support seems to be working on updating the tickers you need. Usage time at review: 2 months, daily usage.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Bill Segall
March 7, 2024
I bought this because they claimed they worked with Australian markets (ASX). Unfortunately there are a bunch of symbols that don't work, there is no support for options, and all the historical financials are broken as well. I reached out to them when I purchased and they suggested some fixes were coming but that was now ages ago. It seems ok for US markets.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Kyle Roberts
August 24, 2023
It states Free with paid options, but the description page doesn't state the options, or pricing. Had to install and sign up to even see the pricing. And the "Trial Version" only includes 3 stocks. The initial overview is very misleading
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
ajay singh
February 14, 2024
It's very useful..
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Alex Little
October 3, 2022
I love this app, The devs are killing it. The discord is active and the community using wise sheets is growing every day. The quality and different variants are amazing and the functionality is easy to use
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Austin Shanahan
December 18, 2022
This tool cuts down screening time drastically. Data is accurate. Tool is flexible. Customer service is top notch.
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
Pavel R
May 13, 2022
Honestly such a fantastic addon. Quality and variety of data are so important, customer support is so important, and functionality is so important, and Wisesheets hits it out of the park on all counts. Happily recommend this, I've worked with a lot of different data sources when integrating into my spreadsheets, and Wisesheets is by and far the best!
Is this review helpful?
Profile Picture
March 30, 2023
Absolutely great! Wish I knew about this tool sooner.
Is this review helpful?
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