WordQ® pairs word processing and PDF access with word prediction, speech feedback, speech recognition, and other features to support students in reading and writing.
Listing updated:September 22, 2022
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*** Overview ***

WordQ® is a web application for Google Chrome™ that includes an easy-to use document editor and a fully accessible PDF viewer/editor with the support of word prediction, speech feedback, speech recognition, customizable static topics, ThoughtQ® dynamic topics, and proofreading.

Syncing with students’ Google accounts, WordQ allows them to access, edit, create, and save documents and PDFs from both Google Drive™ and their computer.
State-of-the-art assistive technologies like word prediction, text-to-speech capability, simple speech recognition, and a screen colour and contrast tool are built seamlessly into WordQ word processing and PDF Access areas, giving students the opportunity to use what they need to communicate and expand their knowledge.

*** Included in WordQ ***
** Document Editor
The document editor area offers a supportive writing space with accessibility features for use during all stages of the writing process. 
** Word Prediction
The result of years of research and based on context and creative spelling algorithms, WordQ's intelligent word prediction provides accurate word suggestions for you to choose from in as few as 1.3 keystrokes. Predicted word lists are easy to navigate and offer usage examples for commonly confused words. Both English (Canadian, US, and UK) and French (Canadian and European) languages are supported. 

** Custom Vocabulary
Users may add personalized vocabulary which will appear in the prediction list with a usage example.
** Speech Feedback
Speech feedback is helpful for comprehension and learning proper pronunciation by reading what is written aloud as it’s typed. Easily customizable, Speech Feedback can be set to speak individual letters, words, and whole sentences as well as word predictions, usage examples, and speech recognitions based on specific student needs. Text selected can be read aloud with word-by-word highlighting, making it easy for students to follow along.
** Proofreading
Proofreading with WordQ is a non-judgmental means to help students notice and correct mistakes. This uses a systematic approach of focusing on and reading back sentences and words along with word prediction’s editing support.
** Simple Speech Recognition
Simple speech recognition offers an easy-to-use speech-to-text dictation option, no training needed. The option to reduce unwanted voice recognition by automatically turning the microphone off in-between speech segments or while editing, is great for use in classroom environments.
** PDF Access
WordQ allows you to open PDF documents from your computer or Google Drive for accessible reading and writing. PDF Access lets students read PDFs using WordQ's accessibility features and is perfect for completing assignments and tests that are provided as PDFs. Students can fill in form fields or add text boxes; add sticky notes and callouts; mark up text with annotations; insert stamps and pictures; link URLS; and attach external files.
** Screen Contrast
WordQ's screen contrast tool allows students to choose color filters and adjust their intensity, making it easier to read on a screen.

** Customizable Static Topics
A Static topic is a list of words or short phrases that you create and customize for potential use when writing about a topic. They are emphasized in the word prediction when a topic is active and are shown in the right-hand pane of WordQ as writing hints.

** ThoughtQ Dynamic Topics
A ThoughtQ dynamic topic is a list of words or short phrases automatically generated from an keyword for potential use when writing about a topic. They are emphasized in the word prediction when the ThoughtQ topic is active and are shown in the right-hand pane of WordQ as writing hints. It can be changed at any time; for example, between sentences or paragraphs. You can also search and discover related information to ThoughtQ topic words through a web search feature.

** Exam Mode
An exam mode provides an accessible area for students who need support during tests; ensuring equity not an advantage.

*** What do Schools Need to Know About WordQ? ***
** WordQ and UDL
WordQ supports CAST’s guidelines for the Universal Design for Learning, giving student’s multiple means to access materials, complete work, and share their knowledge.
** Installation
Whether you’re installing an individual license or setting up a site-wide, district-wide, or board-wide license, setting up WordQ is easy.
** Online/Offline Access
An internet connection is needed to install and start WordQ. Once open, most features in WordQ can continue to be used even if the internet connection is lost temporarily.
** Use WordQ Anywhere
WordQ is linked to student’s Google accounts, making it easy for them to use it whether learning in the classroom or attending school virtually.
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