Cut down your time responding to email by 90%. Our human editors write your emails for you in perfect and professional English. Use it for sending professional emails while on the go.
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***On May 17, 2019, Wordzen will be ending "regular" editing services and transitioning to a "bring your own editor" model. For more information, see: ***

Wordzen is a service that writes your emails for you. Real, live humans who are professional writers and experts in English write your emails for you, based on your voice instructions. Think of it like an executive assistant for your Gmail account.

**Why should I use Wordzen?**

Wordzen lets you respond to emails while you’re on the go. In the back of a cab, lying on the couch, or taking a stroll in the park. Just speak your response into your phone in natural speech. Feel free to umm, err, trip over your words, and repeat yourself. On the other end, one of our email experts will distill what you’ve said and write the perfect email for you.

**How does it work?**

The Wordzen Gmail Add-on gives you a microphone to record your voice. Once you do that, and submit it, my editors will take over and start writing an email for you.

**Is Wordzen an app for my phone?**

It’s not technically an app. It’s a Gmail Add-on, which is a new way to enhance Gmail. You install it into your Gmail account, and then it becomes available where you log in to that Gmail account, whether it’s on the desktop or on mobile (works on both Android devices and iPhones).

**Does Wordzen send the emails for me?**

It’s your choice. You can set your account so that the editors just write the email and save it as a Draft for you to review and send, or you can set it so that the editor sends the email for you.

**Is Wordzen free?**

Your first 10 emails are handled for free. We hope you’ll see the benefit and realize how much time Wordzen can save you in responding to emails.

**What do I need to use Wordzen?**

You need your Gmail account, and you need to either install the Wordzen Add-on or the Wordzen Chrome extension. The Wordzen Add-on allows you to use Wordzen from the desktop, Android devices, and iPhones, while the Chrome extension only works on the Chrome browser on the desktop.

**How do I know if Wordzen is right for me?**

If you spend at least 30 minutes a day responding to email, then Wordzen will be beneficial to you. I personally have cut down the time I spend handling email from 2 hours/day to about 15 minutes/day using Wordzen. I love talking. I hate having to choose the right words when writing. The guiding philosophy behind Wordzen is that talking is easy, but typing a professional email response is mentally taxing. You get to talk in your natural speech form, while the burden on crafting the perfect sentences with the right word choice falls to my expertly trained editors.

**How do the editors determine what tone to write the emails in?**

The editors evaluate the entire conversation thread, plus the tone carried in your voice, to determine the tone in writing your email. For example, if your email is to a client, as opposed to a vendor, a more professional tone will be created rather than a more direct one. If the email is to a friend as opposed to a business contact, a more casual tone may be taken compared to a more business tone.

**Any other questions?**

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