GPT (ChatGPT™ AI and Bard™ PaLM) for Docs™, Sheets™, Gmail™, Slides™. It enables full AI power to write, create and improve content, deliver great work with 10x productivity and efficiency!
Listing updated:November 28, 2023
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WorkGPT is the best AI assistant and has been selected as Workspace Editor's choice for Google Docs™, Slides™, Gmail™, Sheets™, Calendar™. It's powered by the latest Generative AI technology,  including ChatGPT GPT (used by 100M+ users),  Google Bard PaLM 2 and Duet AI, and Meta LIama 2 70b! It enables you 10x productivity and efficiency for writing emails, creating any contents, editing, and understanding etc. In addition, you can ask any question to GPT with a freeform prompt. It can even generate images for you. WorkGPT can also create entire Slides for you magically with simple clicks! 

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Install now and get free credits to use! No API Key is needed here.
✓ No sign-up required. ✓ Free credits.  ✓ No API key required.

It is available on both desktop and mobile. It will show in your docs/slides/gmail/sheets/calendar on both desktop and mobile Android client. 

Features for Google Docs™, Slides™, Gmail™, Sheets™, Calendar™
Editing and reading contents:
- Fix grammar and spelling
- Improve writing and rewrite
- Polish
- Reply to
- Continue writing
- Translate to
- Expand and make longer
- Shorten 
- Summarize 
- Explain
- Any other freeform prompt and command you want for GPT. 

Creating contents: 
- Write an email 
- Create post for Linkedin or Facebook 
- Compose status update 
- Create descriptions 
- Compile Summary 
- Write for anything! 
Introducing WorkGPT demo:
WorkGPT for Docs Tutorial:

For Google Sheets™, we also add some easy to use Custom Functions:

- WORKGPT(command, inputCell), a general command for GPT, e.g. WORKGPT("Rewrite in friendly tone", A1), or WORKGPT(B1, A1). 
- WORKGPT_TRANSLATE(text, language) to translate, e.g. WORKGPT_TRANSLATE("How are you doing?", A2),  WORKGPT_TRANSLATE(B2, “English”), or WORKGPT_TRANSLATE(B2, A2). 
- WORKGPT_REWRITE(text, tone) to rewrite the text,  e.g. WORKGPT_REWRITE("How are you doing?", A2),  WORKGPT_REWRITE (B2, “Professional”), or WORKGPT_REWRITE(B2, A2)
- WORKGPT_POLISH(text) to polish text, e.g. WORKGPT_POLISH(B2) or WORKGPT_POLISH(“How are you doing?”)
- WORKGPT_SUMMARIZE(text) to summarize text, e.g. WORKGPT_SUMMARIZE(A1) or WORKGPT_SUMMARIZE(“How are you doing?”)
- WORKGPT_FIXGRAMMAR(text) to fix grammar and spelling for the text, e.g. WORKGPT_FIXGRAMMAR(B1), WORKGPT_FIXGRAMMAR(“We look forward to see you”)
- WORKGPT_FORMAT(text, format) to format text, e.g. WORKGPT_FORMAT(B1, A1) or WORKGPT_FORMAT(B1, “upper case”)
- WORKGPT_CLASSIFY(text, categories) to classify the text, e.g. WORKGPT_CLASSIFY(B1, A1) or 
WORKGPT_CLASSIFY("Salad, grape, strawberry”, "Fruit, vegetable, other")
- WORKGPT_WITH_ONE_INPUT(commandInputCell) general function with one input(e.g. WORKGPT_WITH_ONE_INPUT("Rewrite in friendly tone for "how are you" ")) 

Feel free to let us know if you need any more custom functions to add. :)

This product is brought to you by ZQ Labs, Inc. ZQ Labs, Inc. is not affiliated with OpenAI. 

Experience the the WorkGPT and the power of best AI Assistant for Work with this addon today!

Version 149 (11/28/2023): Add the Google Bard PaLM 2 and Duet AI
Version 142 (10/23/2023): Add create image feature for Premium users
Version 140 (10/15/2023): Add save draft and history feature
Version 135 (10/06/2023): Polish UI and improve classify function 
Version 126 (09/20/2023): Add option to choose using OpenAI service or Microsoft Azure server
Version 108: Add GPT4 and Meta LIama 2 AI model support 
Version 100: upgrade the model to handle more input/output, add summarize and explain features, also upgrade and use GPT4 for Generate slides 
Version 89: Add reply to and polish action and improve custom functions   
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Olivia Rawlinson
November 8, 2023
Used to work really well, now it seems to be really off and not following any prompts including the pre-loaded ones like explain or summarize.
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Mystic Stephens
November 11, 2023
This is the most simple and amazing app. I have added...Love It!
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August 29, 2023
Impressive tool for work-related tasks in WorkGPT! This is a game changer for content creation, great work!!
Is this review helpful?
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James Q
March 31, 2023
A great and very efficient tool! It helps me a lot. Love it, and thank you for making it!
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