Best translator for Google Docs™, Slides™, Gmail™, Sheets™ powered by ChatGPT AI and Google Translate™. It can translate to 100+ languages with any tones in seconds!
Listing updated:December 1, 2023
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Effortlessly translate, understand and communicate across 100+ languages with ChatGPT AI, Google Translate™ service and Microsoft Translator easily and quickly! Workspace Translator automatically detects the language, and translates the content to any selected language you want in several seconds as your personal translator. You can also translate the language to different tones easily, e.g. professional, friendly, formal, funny! It supports all Google Workspace products Docs™, Slides™, Gmail™, Sheets™, Calendar™. 

Workspace Translator with GPT is the best translator with 100+ languages, most languages supported in the market. We offer three translator services to use,  ChatGPT AI (used by 100+ million users), Google Translate™ service and Microsoft Translator! 

Whenever you need to translate or understand the contents in document, slide, email, sheets™, or calendar™, just have Workspace Translator do it for you!

In addition to translation, It also provides you other helpful features, including 
- Rewrite 
- Pronunciations
- Dictionary lookup
- Summarize 
- Synonyms
- Detect languages 
- Transliterate
- Explain

It is available on both desktop and mobile. After you install the add-on, it will show in your Docs™/Slides™/Gmail™/Sheets™/Calendar™ sidebar on both desktop and mobile Android client.  

We offer a free trial version with free translation requests every day to help you translate. You can upgrade to the Premium service for unlimited usage, advanced Premium features, longer input, faster response and priority support. To provide good service, we pay OpenAI ChatGPT, Google and Microsoft for every translation you make. 

This product is brought to you by ZQ Labs, Inc and ZQ Labs, Inc. is not affiliated with OpenAI. 

Experience the best translator app and the power of all advanced AI GPT, Google Translate™ Service,  and Microsoft Translator with this addon today!

Version 64 (11/13/2023) - add pronunciations, dictionary lookup, synonyms
, detect languages features. 
Version 56 (10/08/2023): add the functionality to choose backend service for Premium users
Version 52 (09/13/2023): Add translate current selected slide feature 
Version 45: Add the explain and help me understand feature. 
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PricingFree of charge with paid features
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Elliot W
August 14, 2023
Another garbage waste of time translation app. Is a bit better than others but takes FOREVER just to translate a single sentence and then limits the translation per minute. HELL no, it's faster with Google translate in another window! Why tf would I PAY for something way slower!?!?!?
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Jeremy C
September 7, 2023
A great translator app! Best in the market, Super fast with Google translate, also love the different translations from GPT translator with many tones!
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Lewis Mark Grimes (Surface Artist)
September 28, 2023
Easy install I hope they give me a chance to edit this after I experience it. Come what may, Google, thanks for keeping up with the others. I'll let you if I have trouble. Let me know if you have an accessibility department I can call for support. Nice landing here.
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August 16, 2023
Thanks for making this app. The translation is very good and it can translate any language with a simple click!
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James Q
March 31, 2023
I love this app! It opens up a whole world of people I can talk to. Super helpful!
Is this review helpful?
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walter Rios Frias
October 13, 2023
Is this review helpful?
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