Turn your Sheets data into Datawrapper charts and embed them in your Slides.
Listing updated:July 17, 2024
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Wrapify - Workflow automations you didn’t know you needed

Revolutionizing Google Slides™, Google Sheets™, Google Docs™ and Gmail™ 

Wrapify provides spreadsheet and slide deck tools.  Workflow automations.  Efficiencies.  Time Savings.  Monetary Savings.  Quality of Life.

Want your sales report landing as a PDF in your boss’s inbox at 4pm Friday, while you hit the golf course?  Check.

Want to massively scale a content library for wide ranging use cases?  Check.

Need a slide deck deckmate?  Checkmate.  

By integrating Datawrapper with Google Workspace™ high-end data visualization libraries are wrapped around highly-valuable workflows and automations.

Significant chart, table & map creation workflow efficiencies
Estimated 50-95% time savings versus Google Sheets™ and Microsoft Excel™
Live and automated charts updated from spreadsheets to a cloud library on your required or desired intervals
Custom code for difficult-to-make charts (Mekko, Waterfall)
Searchable library inside Google Slides™ provides drag and drop access to Datawrapper libraries
Dynamic text feature provides text automation from Google Sheets™ to Google Slides™ - text can reference changes in your data being visualized
Slide deck & reporting automation
Internal & external reporting solutions
Reduced redundancies and greater efficiencies by leveraging a team library concept
No more siloed spreadsheet and slide deck content
Automate Gmail™ with rich data-driven content
Share content across social channels and in messaging apps
Start Gmailhttps://www.datawrapper.de/, Google Slides™ or Google Docs™ content with data visualizations    

Wrapify is delightful.  We strive to create happy customers and a frictionless experience.

By effortlessly incorporating your Datawrapper chart library into documents, reports, slide decks or dashboards, we save you time and money while also utilizing the best data visualization ease-of-use and quality-of-product package. 

Business Insights
You have data.  You need insights from it. Data visualizations workflows are facilitated to reduce friction and expand use cases and users of data. Data visualizations provide insights.

All-In-One No-Code Solution
Revolutionary, not evolutionary.  Try Wrapify & Datawrapper once.  The design and functionality exceeds native design. It just works.    

Comprehensive Customer Support
Delightful.  Fun.  Easy. If you aren't telling your friends to use Wrapify, we screwed up.​ Onboarding, experience or product. We want all feedback

Automation + AI Win
Consistency. Quality. Curation.  AI will surely create many opportunities and new businesses, but automation is often sufficient and certain. Life should be simple

More details on https://wrapify.tech


After having installed Wrapify: 
1. Create a new account at Datawrapper (https://www.datawrapper.de/) or sign in to your existing account.
2. In Datawrapper user settings, create an API access token with your desired credentials.
3. Use Datawrapper or Wrapify’s Google Sheets™ add-on to create charts, maps and tables and build-out your content library
4. Access and utilize your content library in Google Slides™, Google Docs™ and Gmail™.
5. Automate data updates to charts.
6. Automate slide decks and reports.
7. Automate emails & reporting.


➤ Free 30-day trial of all features; free chart creation forever
➤ Paid plans: https://www.wrapify.tech/pricing-plans


➤ Outbound sales: drive and generate new leads through more frequent customer contacts using automated content.
➤ Consulting: slide deck creation and automation has never been easier.
➤ Investment banking: improved workflow efficiencies for high-cost labor.
➤ Investor relations: tell data-driven investment stories.
➤ Nonprofits, NGOs, and political organizations:  automate content creation and marketing.
➤ Design firms and content creators: scale from a high-end product.
➤ News organizations: improve spreadsheet, data and content creation workflows, save time.
➤ SEO and Digital Marketing:  automated blog content. 
➤ Investment management:  reports and market research toolkit.
➤ Business development:  create automated deal memo template.
➤ FP&A:  automate reporting.
➤ Corporate finance:  internal & external reporting.

Any company is a potential Wrapify customer. 

Datawrapper Account Required

➤ Please see Datawrapper pricing plans: https://www.datawrapper.de/pricing.
➤ White labeling of content requires a paid Datawrapper plan.
➤ Datawrapper’s API integrated with Google Workspace™ APIs to create the best data visualization workflow automations.


Do you need some help with Wrapify? 
➤  Check our Youtube™ channel at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCl8Q5LLSq0p_vsQHrARt_AQ
Follow us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/wrapify_tech
➤ View our website: https://www.wrapify.tech/
➤ Send us an email:  jeff@wrapify.tech 

Google Workspace™, Gmail™, Google Sheets™, Google Slides™ and Google Docs™ are trademarks of Google LLC.

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Zain Zafar
June 17, 2023
Really cool and intuitive app to turn data into charts!
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