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Create Wrike tasks from emails, easily pick assignees from list of suggestions. Search, view and instantly update tasks, send and receive Wrike comments, all in Google interface.
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Wrike is powerful online project management software that enables every type of team to accomplish more, at scale. With Wrike for Gmail™, you can create Wrike tasks from emails, view and edit tasks, and send and receive Wrike comments, all without leaving Gmail™.
Managing work by email can be a challenge, especially when multiple people are collaborating through multiple email threads that tie back to a project. And today’s production-focused teams not only rely heavily on collaboration, but also require access, visibility, and greater control over work, in order to be agile and accomplish more despite operating across multiple people, teams, and projects.
Wrike for Gmail™ enables you to easily capture work coming from email and quickly get it into Wrike, where it can be more effectively managed, tracked, and reported on. With Wrike for Gmail™ you can:
Create new tasks from emails
See task details, including images and rich text formatting
Complete tasks, change status, and assign/un-assign tasks
View and edit existing tasks associated with Wrike email notifications
Send and receive Wrike comments on tasks
Add emails as comments to tasks
Access and download task attachments
Collaborate on tasks with those using Wrike for Gmail™, Wrike on web, or any Wrike app
Bring structure and action to your work today with Wrike for Gmail™.
Note that you’ll need a free or paid Wrike account to use Wrike for Gmail™.
To learn more about Wrike or create an account, visit
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Lucas Frediani
6 novembre 2020
molto interessante, non sarebbe male visualizzare anche direttamente dentro la colonna il contenuto di attività di una cartella specifica.
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Un utente di Wrike for Gmail™
22 aprile 2020
Molto bella
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Un utente di Wrike for Gmail™
27 dicembre 2019
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