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Track words written over time, active time, WPM, multi-doc tracking, goal forecast based on amount written, 180 day history, writing streaks, and progress against goals.
Listing updated:January 18, 2022
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v3.1 - May 2 - [NEW] WPM and active time tracking (billable hour tracking for freelancers)
[NEW] Menu, and testing tools to help diagnose problems
[NEW] Troubleshooting guide. Go to Add-ons > Writing Habit > Troubleshooting
[BUGS] Refactored a lot of code to hopefully make things run smoother

v3 - Apr 26 - New weekday only forecasts and streaks (or full week) on the settings page. Bug fixes to get word counting working again after a user saved their settings (saving settings caused it to stop). 

v2.6 & 2.7 - Apr 22 - New docs start at 0 words. Better error handling/messaging. Interface dimmer in the bottom right.

v2.5 - Added daily/total word tracking across MULTIPLE documents.  See it in action on the HISTORY PAGE. Only a limited (likely around 50) documents can be tracked before the add on will forcefully remove all tracked documents to avoid breaking. Any document can be added or removed. Tracked documents are automatically added once you make changes or add new words. Additionally, language changes were made to help with settings clarity. SETTINGS are also shared across documents now.

v2.4 - Added DATA EXPORT via the HISTORY page. Fixed a bug the broke the interface when clearing data then closing the add on right after.

V2.0 and 2.3 added DARK MODE, night owl "day" shifting, ignoring cut/inserted words, bug fixes, and a lot more. 

Become a better writer by developing the habit. Habits require consistency and the Writing Habit addon helps you keep track of when you've written, and how much you wrote. Remember, frequency is better than word count for building a habit. The more often you do it, the more likely you are to have your word count increase.

The addon lets you track how many words you've written over the last week and month and shows you a chart for both, along with history for the last 180 days, longest and most recent writing streak, a minimal mode (to focus on writing), and week/overall goal settings so you can give yourself something to shoot for. 

We recommend setting goals low until you consistently hit them, and then move up from there.
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