Mail merge for Gmail to send personalised bulk emails with attachments directly from Google Sheets and Gmail Draft Templates
Listing updated:February 12, 2024
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Yet Another Email Merger (YAEM) is a mail merge software for Gmail (Google Workspace/G Suite) to send mass emails with personalized content to every recipient.

It helps you deliver personalised bulk emails directly into the customer's primary inbox instead of a Junk/Spam/Social folders. Yet Another Email Merger sends an email which other email systems like Office 365, Zoho, Godaddy, Zimbra, MS Exchange etc feel like they are sent by composing personally. These emails are sent directly from Google’s server, and hence delivery to the recipient's primary inbox rate is high with YAEM. 
It increases your email click rate to very higher than the other traditional bulk emailing solutions & CRM systems like Mailchimp or Hubspot.

Yet Another Email Merger also provides a real-time email delivery & tracking report which shows you which emails are opened by recipients and if they have clicked the links in the sent email. This helps you to monitor or measure the success rate of your campaigns. You can make wise decisions based on email open & click reports to enhance the content of email campaigns further.


After having installed the Yet Another Email Merger add-on: 
Write your draft in Gmail with template variables such as {{First name}}.
Launch YAEM via the add-on menu.
Click the “Generate Column Structure” button to generate columns if you are using it for the first time. Please Note: “Email Address” & “Status” columns are mandatory. Status column should be the last column in sheet.
List your contacts in a Google Sheet and add personalized data based on your draft such as First Name, Birth Date, Attachments etc.
You can send a Test Email to the first row to make sure everything works fine and then you can click “Send Emails” button to send emails to everyone.
Track the mail merge results by clicking the “Fetch Report” button.


Yet Another Email Merger can be used to send mass emails from Gmail for your personal or business use.
➤ Sales: Generate new leads for your business through targeted cold emails. YAEM is an easier to use tool.
➤ Talent Hunting: Find new and talented candidates/employees by sending personalized job descriptions to save a lot of time.
➤ Education: Send personalized emails to your students or their parents in bulk with their scores or any other individual details all at once.
➤ Event invitations: Greet everyone with a personal invitation. Send personalized emails for meetups, webinars, conferences, job-dating, weddings etc. 
➤ Google Form email notifications: notify your form respondents after they’ve answered and send those submissions to the relevant people.
➤ Send birthday emails to your employees on their birthdays.
➤ Send personalized festival wishes such as Christmas/Diwali wishes, holiday greetings, and Happy New Year’s emails to your customers.
➤ Send reminders for payment or rent to a list of clients with their individual invoice attached.
➤ Send periodic newsletters on your latest products, features, or news.
➤ Announce a new feature to a select number of users that asked for it through support channels in Zendesk or Intercom.
➤ Account managers can manage their portfolio of clients, whether in an enterprise or an e-commerce setting, by writing to their Shopify, Magento or Prestashop customers.

Yet Another Email Merger is suitable for all types and sizes of organizations, industries, and locations. 


Composing Features

➤ Create your message directly in Gmail (you can use saved Gmail templates). You can draft nice email with html images with inline images, text styles etc.
➤ Personalize subject lines, email body, links, images and attachments to make your emails as convincing as possible.
➤ Send personalized attachments from drive to each email. Upload files to Google Drive and paste their links in the “Attachments” column of the sheet. You can add multiple attachments separated by comma.
➤ Send a test email to review your email before sending it to all your recipients.

Tracking Features

➤ YAEM helps track opens & clicks for each email sent. You can click “Fetch Report” from the add-on and it will get the report for you.


➤ Free plan: 50 emails / user / day
➤ Individual licenses $20 for Google Workspace accounts (1500 emails/user/day) 
More options on our pricing page:
➤ Website: 

➤ Why does mail merge from Yet Another Email Merger is more effective than from Outlook?
When you send mass emails from Outlook, it includes your local IP address into message headers and it causes a high chance to get these emails marked as spam. Instead, when you send mail merge from YAEM, you send emails directly from Google IP Addresses. Google’s IP addresses are whitelisted in all email systems over the email which understands that email has come from the genuine source. So it increases your chances to land in the user's inbox.
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