The Complete A/B testing and CRO Platform to help you increase your website's conversion rates.
Listing updated:April 4, 2024
Zoho PageSense helps you make informed business decisions to boost your website's conversions. It shows your website visitors' behavior, what has them hooked, and what attracts the most attention. You can even create variations of your website and compare their performance to find the one that works best. 

By combining the powers of website analysis and A/B testing, PageSense empowers you with the data to increase your website's conversions without having to juggle between multiple apps. 

With PageSense you can:

Track website performance

>Monitor key metrics with Goals
Measure the key metrics of your website to study its performance over time and across segments. 
>Funnel analysis
Track your conversion funnel and break down how visitors drop off a website as they move through a series of pages.

Analyze visitor behavior

Pinpoint activity hotspots on both static and dynamic website elements. Find what really interests your visitors, where they click, and how far down they scroll.

>Form analytics
Get insights on why visitors aren't filling out your forms. Find out which fields they spend the most time on and which ones they drop off at. Eliminate pain points and increase conversions.

>Session recording
Record how your visitors engage with your website; see every mouse movement, scroll, and click. Identify where your visitors are struggling and address those sections to make the user experience seamless.

Optimize the user experience

>Conduct A/B tests
Experiment with your website to create a user experience that gets you more conversions.

>Intuitive visual editor
Create website variations in a snap. No code. No complications.

>Target the right audience
Select your experiment's target audience, create custom audience personas, import audiences from ad campaigns, and more.

>Chrome extension
It's all of Zoho PageSense's punch, packed in a little button. Create experiments and view reports on any live page, even the ones beyond login sessions.

>Powerful report segmentation
Drill down to find how each granular section of your audience is interacting with your website. Our advanced segmentation feature makes this a breeze.

Share experiment reports and give your team role-based access to get input on every aspect of your experiment, from design to content.

>Single-page application support
You can use all of our features, even if you have an SPA or your website loads a single HTML page that updates dynamically as visitors interact with it.

PageSense integrates readily with:

Google Tag Manager, Google Universal Analytics, Google Ads, KISSmetrics, Mixpanel, and Zoho Sites.

Why PageSense and Google go well together:

>Google Universal Analytics Integration
Gain complete control over all aspects of website analytics with Zoho PageSense's seamless integration with Google Analytics. Get insights from detailed metrics for each variation of your experiment. 

>Google Ads Integration
Target audience from ad campaigns to create a user experience that can increase your conversions. You can even slice and dice your reports to see how a specific segment of an ad campaign's audience is interacting with your website.

>Google Tag Manager Integration
Installing our code snippet is simple, swift and hassle-free. Just integrate Zoho PageSense with Google Tag Manager and install the code snippet in a snap. 

>Smart Single Sign-on
Remembering multiple passwords can be a pain. Access Zoho PageSense with your G Suite ID at any time with single sign-on.  

Monthly subscription: $29.00/month for tracking 10,000 monthly visitors
Annual subscription: $17.00/month for tracking 10,000 monthly visitors
For more details visit our pricing page:
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