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Add candidates and contacts straight from your inbox to Zoho Recruit
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The Zoho Recruit add-on helps recruiters to bring candidates and contacts straight from their Gmail accounts.
Highlights of this add-on: 
- Add new Candidates and Contacts straight from your Gmail. 
- Know the existing candidates and contacts in Zoho Recruit account. 
- Add candidates straight from email attachments. 
How the add-on works:​
- Start by installing Zoho Recruit for Gmail Add-On.​
​- Open your Gmail and click on the Zoho Recruit icon in the right-hand side of your inbox.​
- Add your sender either as a candidate or contact inside Zoho Recruit. ​
​- Additionally, parse and add candidate information from your email attachments. ​
​- Voilà! The records are added to Zoho Recruit. You can now manage all candidate and contact details from within Zoho Recruit. 
Pricing and Plan comparison: 

Take a look at our pricing and plan comparison at  
Also, try our 15-day Enterprise trial to experience the hassle-free recruitment journey.
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Zoho Recruit for Gmail will ask for the permissions shown below. Learn more
Zoho Recruit for Gmail will need access to your Google account
This will allow Zoho Recruit for Gmail to :
Manage drafts and send emails when you interact with the add-on
View your email messages when the add-on is running
Run as a Gmail add-on
Connect to an external service
See your primary Google Account email address
See your personal info, including any personal info you've made publicly available
Associate you with your personal info on Google
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