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Transform your data collection process with our Survey application! Create and launch surveys from any location, access detailed reports on the go, and effortlessly share insights with your colleagues. Packed with intuitive features, customizable templates, and robust analytics capabilities, Zoho Survey empowers you to uncover actionable data effortlessly.

Zoho Survey is your all-in-one solution for crafting, distributing, and analyzing surveys to gather crucial feedback and opinions.

Survey creation
* Intuitive survey builder: 
Craft engaging surveys using a simple drag-and-drop interface. Customize questions, add conditional logic, and design a survey that aligns perfectly with your brand.
*Advanced question types: 
Explore a wide range of question types, from multiple-choice to open-text, ensuring your survey captures a full spectrum of responses.
Jumpstart your survey creation process with a library of professionally designed templates that save you time and effort.

Distribution and data collection
* Multi-channel distribution: 
Reach your audience on their favorite and most used platforms. Share surveys through email and social media, or embed them in your website for maximum participation.
* Offline data collection: 
Collect data without an internet connection and sync it seamlessly when you're back online. This feature is ideal for conducting field surveys or collecting feedback at kiosks.
* QR codes: 
Generate QR codes for your surveys so respondents can access them quickly.
* Unique URLs: 
Provide unique survey URLs to each respondent, so you can track individual responses and gather more precise data.
* Embedding surveys: 
Seamlessly embed surveys in your website, so audiences can respond without leaving your platform.
* Pop-up surveys: 
Engage your audience with pop-up surveys, capturing their feedback at the right moment and enhancing the user experience.

Data analysis and collaboration
* Collaboration: 
Work as a team with seamless collaboration features. Multiple users can edit and analyze surveys in real time, streamlining your survey workflow. Effortlessly share your findings with colleagues, exchange insights, and collaborate in real time.
* Branding and white labeling: 
Elevate your brand presence by customizing the look and feel of your surveys. You can even white label the platform for a completely branded experience.

* Zoho integration: 
Zoho Survey integrates seamlessly with other Zoho applications, such as Zoho CRM and Zoho Analytics, to facilitate data synchronization and analysis.
* Third-party integrations: 
Zoho Survey can also be integrated with third-party tools and platforms, such as Google Sheets™, Zapier, Webhooks, and Salesforce, allowing users to connect their surveys with a wide range of applications.
* APIs: 
Zoho Survey provides APIs (application programming interfaces) that allow developers to build custom integrations with other software.

* Individual response report:
View and analyze responses for individual participants. See a detailed breakdown of how each respondent answered each question.
* Trend report: 
Identify trends and patterns in your survey data over time. This report helps you visualize changes in responses or sentiments across multiple survey versions. 
* Cross-tab report:
Cross-tabulate data for a deeper analysis of the relationships between two or more survey questions.
* Word cloud:
Zoho Survey offers Word Cloud reports that visually represent the most frequently used words or phrases in open-ended responses. Word clouds provide a quick and intuitive way to identify common themes or sentiments expressed by respondents.

Zoho Survey has all the features you need to craft an engaging survey. Sign up today to discover insights on the go!
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A User of Zoho Survey
December 19, 2023
Very good app excellent
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Belal Hosen
August 6, 2020
It is very helpful for businesses and other organizations.
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s Sukesh
June 19, 2021
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Finley Craig
September 25, 2020
boo makes you pay to send surveys in Gmail
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activate ryan
June 7, 2021
thanks for information
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Chris Jr Williams (ChrisJr4Eva87)
February 22, 2021
C x
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October 9, 2020
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Samson Assefa
November 25, 2020
Samson Assefa Gebrehiwot
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