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Person seeing security center dashboard on computer monitor.
Person seeing security center dashboard on computer monitor.

Security center

Actionable security insights for Google Workspace

Protect your organization with security analytics and best practice recommendations from Google. The security center is included with Google Workspace Enterprise edition.

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Unified security dashboard

Get insights into external file sharing, visibility into spam and malware targeting users within your organization, and metrics to demonstrate your security effectiveness in a single, comprehensive dashboard.

Unified security dashboard in security center
Dashboard Investigation Tool

Take action against threats

Identify, triage, and take action on security and privacy issues in your domain. Perform organization-wide bulk actions to delete malicious email. Examine file sharing to spot and stop potential data exfiltration.

Reduce risk by adopting security health recommendations

Stay ahead of threats with the quickstart guide, which provides recommended security settings and gives customized advice on security best practices for content, communication, mobility, and user security.

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Gain insights from the security center

File exposure

Understand which files have been shared outside your domain and which shared files have triggered DLP rules.


Find out how many messages don’t meet authentication standards, like DMARC, DKIM, and SPF.


Ensure that messages sent by your domain are encrypted using TLS.

Email delivery

See what percentage of incoming messages were accepted and whether whitelisting allowed suspicious messages to get delivered.

Spam and malware classification

Analyze messages deemed to be spam, phishing, suspicious, or containing malware.

User perception

Evaluate whitelists by reviewing whether users have tagged delivered messages as spam or phishing.

Get actionable security recommendations

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Set security checks on automatic email forwarding, DMARC settings, POP/IMAP access, and whitelists.

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Apply policies for file sharing, Drive add-ons, offline availability, and stringent sign-in requirements.

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Device Management

Get a comprehensive action list for Mobile Device Management policies.

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Gain visibility into how 2-step verification is being used across users and admins.

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Check whether out-of-domain warnings are in place for all users.

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Sites and Groups

Review group sharing options and evaluate public groups on a case-by-case basis.

Triage and act against threats with the investigation tool

Comprehensive queries

Conduct organization-wide searches across multiple data sources such as Gmail, Drive and Device logs.

Delete malicious email

Identify & delete malicious emails from user inboxes.

Monitor file sharing

Examine Drive files being shared externally and take action to stop potential misuse.


Pivot across searches to connect results.

Device analysis

Suspend accounts or wipe devices that are compromised or running a vulnerable OS version.

Scale actions

Execute domain-wide access changes and set IRM controls on Drive files.

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