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Adler Planetarium: Discovering avenues for workflow improvement

Adler Planetarium

Sitting on the shore of Lake Michigan, Adler Planetarium has helped connect people to the Universe and each other for almost 90 years. The organization's legacy office solution involved a mix of software suites that hampered effective collaboration, so Adler sought to unify its productivity platform and encourage easier collaboration.

Google Cloud Results

Reduces support tickets by 66% after Google Workspace migration

• Improves team productivity with Google Workspace collaborative editing features

• Reduces time spent on meetings using Google Workspace group viewing, eliminating need to manually transcribe materials

• Boosts ease of use for employees through shift from installed applications to browser-based services

Enabling Change:

Pillar: Productivity & Collaboration
Solutions: Productivity & Collaboration

"We want our programs to be broadly accessible, which emphasizes the need for team innovation. Our productivity solution needed to focus on collaboration and Google Workspace matched these requirements." - Chris Comerford, Vice President and Chief Information Officer, Adler Planetarium

Adler Planetarium worked with partner Cloudbakers to migrate its team to Google Workspace. Adler employees use Gmail to save and send email in the cloud and Sites to develop intranet pages, while Google Workspace group viewing and editing have streamlined information flow. Staffers no longer must manually send meeting materials or transcribe discussions, reducing work and encouraging faster collaboration. By moving away from locally installed applications, Adler IT staff spend less time on routine software maintenance and redeploy that time to helping staff make greater use of Google Workspace.

With Google Workspace and migration consulting from Cloudbakers, Adler has already seen strong buy-in from team members who've embraced the productivity platform. Adler employees leverage the intuitive collaboration built into the entire Google Workspace ecosystem to boost productivity and deliver higher-quality experiences to its patrons.

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*Google Workspace was formerly known as G Suite prior to Oct. 6, 2020.

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