Google Workspace add-ons

Your favourite third-party applications, inside Google Workspace

  • Integrate how you work into where you work with Google Workspace Add-ons.

Extend the value of Google Workspace

Deep integrations between Google Workspace and other productivity applications allow work to happen seamlessly across platforms, all from inside Google Workspace.

extend value of Google Workspace

Consistently access your workplace apps

Keep your favourite applications open in the Google Workspace side panel, whether you’re working in Gmail, Calendar or Drive.

Power context-aware scenarios

Surface relevant information and enable actions based on what you’re working on and which Google Workspace app you’re working in.


Bespoke access for each application

Simplify the use of Add-ons with specific entry points in each Google Workspace app, including the compose box of Gmail, the right-click menu of Drive and the conferencing options in Calendar.

tailored access

Secure by default

Google Workspace Add-Ons only access the minimum required data that is needed to complete an action, helping your company’s information stay secure.

Secure by default

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Top questions about Google Workspace Add-ons

How do I get started building with Google Workspace Add-ons?

It’s easy to get started with Google Workspace Add-ons. Head over to the developer centre for all the information that you need to know to start building an Add-on. Click here for more details.

Can admins manage which Add-ons employees install?

Automatically download or choose which Add-ons to install for employees through the Google Admin console.

How can admins control what data Add-ons can access?

Admins can use the API permissions tool to define which APIs can be accessed through add-ons, including disabling and whitelisting specific add-ons to have access to user data.

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