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Oxa unlocks collaboration at scale with Google Workspace

May 6, 2024
Dave Stott

Chief Information Officer, Oxa

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At Oxa, we are helping to create universal autonomy, where advanced AI-enabled transport offers a more dynamic and efficient way of shuttling people around, completing industrial logistics tasks and monitoring key assets such as solar farms. That same vision for seamless autonomy also guides the way we work together as a company.

It’s why we rely on Google Workspace, as it equips our people with the right solutions to help us unlock autonomy at scale. Autonomy empowers companies and organizations everywhere, helping them mitigate their transportation operations’ impact on the planet while simultaneously accelerating momentum for their businesses.

Here’s how we use Workspace.

Collaboration at scale with Google Workspace

Scale-up businesses move fast. Workspace does too, enabling Oxa’s 400 employees to interact instantly, make rapid decisions, and to react to customer feedback in real time. We’re on a mission to build a new kind of company, and Workspace gives us the tools to do just that.

Google Calendar keeps us organized, helping us manage tasks and meetings across multiple time zones. If someone in our Toronto office needs to book a meeting with a colleague in Oxford, they can easily search their name, see their working hours, and find a time that fits their schedules.

Since written communication is an important foundation, we’re also heavy users of Google Docs. For example, we create highly organized Docs for meetings, allowing everyone to collaborate and add notes instantly. It’s a significant part of our process and it provides a structured way to record and share ideas more widely. For customer and investor presentations, we use Google Slides, while Google Sheets supports tasks like budget management, resource planning, forecasting, and reporting.

Google Meet has become the standard video collaboration tool for meetings, and we’ve also saved £20,000 a year by canceling subscriptions with other providers. With automatic links added to Calendar invites, Meet makes it easy for everyone to join meetings with a single click. We’ve also implemented Meet hardware into meeting rooms to boost productivity. Our previous solutions were prone to error, and we lost an estimated 10-15 hours per month troubleshooting connectivity issues. With Meet, we’ve regained that time to focus on more important tasks.

Beep passenger-carrying shuttle using Oxa Driver software

AI-powered solutions to change the way the earth moves

As a global organization with a hybrid workforce, collaborating and working asynchronously would be nearly impossible without Workspace. There’s no easy way to replicate the capabilities Workspace offers, such as real-time communication or instant document editing, including when people are offline. It also enables our senior leaders to align on cross-functional topics in a more efficient way, often eliminating the need for a face-to-face meeting.

The work we do requires our teams to go from ideation to documentation to sharing to gathering feedback — all at high velocity. With Workspace, we can quickly build out the structure of a document, put ideas down, collect more input, and continue to build the document collaboratively. It’s an incredibly fast, creative, and idea-generating process that is only possible by using Workspace. 

From a marketing perspective, we’re exploring how generative AI can make our processes more efficient. Our marketing team recently used Gemini for Google Workspace to build a campaign template for metrics reporting and to help write social posts from news articles. It’s widely used by all teams to create job descriptions and for proofreading. 

We are excited about the impact we’ve seen so far and the future of generative AI allied with responsible deployment of the technology and using it for everyone’s benefit. If Google’s tools can help us to work more effectively, collaboratively, and efficiently in our business, then we can solve our customers’ problems faster — it’s a no-brainer. And the results we’re seeing are helping us achieve our ultimate goal of seeing autonomous vehicle technology deployed universally, safely, and with  transparency that builds the public’s trust. Workspace empowers Oxa to achieve that by supporting us day in and day out.

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