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Scaling debt solutions with G Suite—how Resuelve helps its clients get back on track

January 8, 2019
William Lau

Product Marketing Manager, G Suite team

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2008 was a tough year for the global economy. One of the sharpest economic declines of the financial crisis actually occurred in Mexico with an estimated 6.6 percent decrease in gross domestic product (GDP). Motivated to solve the country’s debt crisis, Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB) graduates Juan Pablo Zorrilla and Javier Velasquez founded Resuelve tu Deuda, a consumer debt settlement company, in 2009.

Since then, Resuelve has expanded to serve nearly 170,000 clients across four countries globally. Headquartered in Mexico City, the company started with just three employees and has scaled to more than 1,200 across 24 offices in just under 10 years—thanks, in part, to real-time collaboration in G Suite.

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Scaling debt solutions with G Suite

To help individuals manage their debt, Resuelve looked to expand its initial presence in Mexico City to more cities across the country in 2016. To do so, the company needed productivity software that would allow its employees to collaborate across geographies within apps that integrate well with each other.

“When I joined the team, we initially relied on Microsoft enterprise products, but I had been working cloud-based for nearly 20 years, so I knew what was possible,” says Adame. His concerns were more than just improving employee productivity and collaboration. With an entire workforce saving files and other data on their devices, as opposed to in the cloud, Adame worried that sensitive information could be accessed or lost should a device go missing. “I couldn’t take the security risk of employees losing their computers or their phones, and I thought to myself why would we go backward?” Resuelve switched to G Suite, and employees immediately started using Google Docs and Hangouts Meet.

With Docs, Resuelve employees can collaborate and share knowledge quicker. Instead of spending time clarifying or consulting among different people or departments, teams can coordinate and execute directly in documents. According to Resuelve, this helps the company improve the client experience as they can resolve issues quicker internally.

G Suite has also helped speed up the “learning curve” for those new to the job, especially important as Resuelve underwent substantial growth in a short amount of time. Through technology like Hangouts Meet, Resuelve employees can onboard new team members no matter location and meet face-to-face to discuss what’s best for their clients.

Over the past year, the organization switched from another chat service to, instead, use Hangouts Chat to collaborate in real-time and cut back on lengthy email threads. Now, 100 percent of Resuelve employees are active daily Hangouts Chat users. Because Chat integrates directly with other G Suite apps that the team relies on, it’s easy to share files or to connect over video conferencing from within one place.

Setting individuals up for success

A large part of Resuelve’s mission is not only providing debt solutions, but also credit counseling and savings training to clients to help them stay financially stable. To serve its diverse customer base, it’s important for Resuelve to understand the ins-and-outs of an individual’s debt circumstance from the start. To help, the company offers financial advisory from the first point-of-contact with the client. “We’ll host face-to-face conversations with our customers over Hangouts Meet for consultations,” says Adame. “Sometimes they just want to see a friendly face, and to be heard.”

Once the person starts working with Resuelve, the company offers a specialized savings plan specifically designed to meet their needs. As the client saves, Resuelve negotiates with all creditors to get the best discount on their debt, and once the individual successfully completes their program, he or she can become eligible for a credit card to help them continue to improve their credit score.

“We meet with a lot of clients to help them solve their debt issues,” says Adame. “With G Suite, we spend less time managing documents so we can spend more time meeting with clients to help them get back on their feet.”

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