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Are you a G Suite admin? Earn your Professional Collaboration Engineer certification with one month free training

August 15, 2019
Margot Baron

Cloud Certifications Program Manager

Megan Gordon

Certification Exam Content Manager

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Today’s workplace is more diverse, dynamic and distributed than ever before. At the same time, collaboration and productivity solutions like G Suite are transforming the workplace by bringing people, information and applications together in new ways. This new way of working has resulted in demand for IT professionals who specialize in collaboration tools and systems. According to a recent Forrester report, 62% of organizations identified “expanding the use of cloud-based applications for employees” as a critical or high priority.

To help organizations prepare for these new expectations, we introduced the Professional Collaboration Engineer certification, which is now generally available (GA). This certification assesses an individual’s ability to deploy, configure, support, manage, and monitor G Suite administrative operations, and demonstrates their ability to increase operational efficiency by implementing solutions across the platform. 

In this newer, cloud-based workplace, the traditional G Suite administrator role has also evolved beyond configuring settings in the G Suite Admin console. Organizations need people who can tailor and administer G Suite deployments to fit specific business needs in today’s complex IT environments. This means G Suite admins must have knowledge of scripting, networking and security in addition to traditional G Suite administrative competencies. The Professional Collaboration Engineer certification addresses this emerging specialization in IT Administration. 

But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what some of our beta testers have said about this certification.

“Being a leader of SADA’s Professional Services team, the Google certification is a differentiator, not only for me as a professional but also for my customers and employer.” - Kelly Harlan, Head of Engineering, SADA Systems

“IT roles are drastically changing and evolving. Google Cloud certification is a great way to demonstrate my continued commitment to professional development.” - Sammy Ehikpehae, SaaS Solutions Architect, TMX Group

To get started with your Professional Collaboration Engineer certification journey, check out our newly launched G Suite Administration Specialization. This training will help you master the foundations of establishing and managing G Suite best practices for your organization.

The G Suite Administration specialization is made up of four courses:

  1. Introduction to G Suite: The first course teaches you how to set up your G Suite account, and provision and manage your users, groups and resources. It introduces you to the Cloud Directory and explains how to divide your organization into organizational units to simplify user and service management. In addition, you’ll learn how to delegate admin privileges to other users in your organization.
  2. Managing G Suite: This course focuses on G Suite core services like Gmail, Google Drive, Docs and Calendar. You’ll learn about the various service settings and how to configure them for your users to meet your business requirements. You’ll also review the Admin console reports, and search and filter their information, as well as learn how to use multiple domains with G Suite.
  3. G Suite Security: This course covers best practices to protect your users and their data. You’ll review password policies, and learn how to enable and enforce 2-step verification (2SV) for your users. By the end of the course, you’ll understand application security and will have become familiar with SSO options in G Suite, and will be able to spot potential security risks within your organization and address them using available admin tools.
  4. G Suite Mail Management: In the final course of the series, you’ll learn how to protect your organization against spam, spoofing, phishing and malware attacks in Gmail. You’ll be able to configure email compliance policies for your organization, and will also gain an understanding of the mail routing options available. Lastly, you will learn how to whitelist and block senders.

Interested in learning more? Join us on August 30th at 9:00 am PST for a Cloud OnAir webinar, Collaboration in the Cloud: Getting Started and Getting Certified. In this webinar, we’ll discuss how Google Cloud certification can help you gain industry recognition and validate your expertise, and discuss recommended learning plans to help you prepare for this brand new Professional Collaboration Engineer certification. As a bonus, every webinar attendee will get one-month free access to the G Suite Admin Specialization. Register for the webinar today.

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