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Cloud Next Recap: 20 ways our customers outdo themselves using Google Workspace

April 16, 2024
The Google Workspace Team

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Last week at Google Cloud Next in Las Vegas, we heard from dozens of Workspace customers across virtually every industry. In addition to announcing our new generative AI and security innovations, the Workspace team held more than 50 sessions, panels, and spotlights, covering everything from cybersecurity in the age of AI to boosting your personal productivity to multi-turn prompting. Along the way, we heard how Workspace customers — from UN agencies to small businesses to some of the world’s biggest enterprises — are using Workspace and Gemini to boost productivity and creativity, transform workflows, supercharge collaboration, and work safer.

Discover how these 20 customers outdo themselves with Workspace.

Boosting productivity and creativity


Uber — Dara Khosrowshahi, CEO:

Gemini for Google Workspace helps us save time on repetitive tasks, frees up developers for higher-value work, reduces our agency spending, and enhances employee retention. Watch the full video.


Sports Basement — Anthony Biolatto, CIO:

With Gemini for Workspace, the customer service team crafts customer responses nearly instantaneously. From there, they can personalize the emails to best suit a customer’s needs and their own voice. This has resulted in a 30-35% reduction in time spent drafting messages, resulting in quicker response time, better job satisfaction, and higher response quality. We’ve also shifted from using more than 100 templates for responses to simpler and faster prompting for more authentic responses. Watch the spotlight.


United Nations Population Fund — Soren Thomassen, IT Director:

Gemini for Workspace has become a superpowered writing assistant for our staff. For example, a country director shared how it can help her get the tone and formality right when she’s emailing a government official. It’s also helping our staff for whom English is a second language, helping them to get their message across just the way they want to. Watch the full session.

Transforming workflows


Bristol Myers Squibb — Matteo di Tommaso, Senior Vice President:

Historically, Informed Consent Forms for clinical trials are created manually. Scientists have to pull from content that’s overlapping, interdependent, and stored in various locations. We saw an opportunity to reduce this burden for scientists so that they could spend more of their time focusing on the patient and the quality of the science. Using Vertex AI and Google Workspace, we can accelerate our timelines and improve the quality of our documentation. Creating an Informed Consent Form used to take weeks. Now we can do it in mere minutesWatch the spotlight.


FinQuery — Amanda Taylor, Vice President of Infrastructure

Gemini for Google Workspace is becoming a part of our way of life. I personally leveraged Gemini in Google Docs to create a one-page summary of observability and monitoring tools. What Gemini gave me was CTO Ready. The time I get back from Gemini helps me spend more focus hours doing the things that really need my attention. Watch the full video.


Verizon — Russell Leader, Senior Director, Collaboration and Messaging

Just like everything with Workspace, it continues to get better…We’ve put our users trialing generative AI into a special forum, where they can share examples and prompts. So, if one particular group from Finance says, “Hey, I just did this great thing in Sheets,” they can share that with everyone else, which gets other people in other departments thinking about how they can use a similar approach…One of the things I’m quite excited about is the Gemini for Workspace Prompt Guide…it’s going to help a lot of our users. (Download your prompt guide here, or watch the full session.)


American Addiction Centers — Sumit Seghal, CIO:

Gemini for Workspace was a key driver in reducing employee onboarding from 3 days to 12 hours. I can envision us using Gemini to streamline tasks like generating safety checklists for medical staff, saving valuable time and improving patient care. If you can take something that used to take two or three days and take it down to a couple of hours, 10 minutes, or 15 minutes, that’s amazing. That's a force multiplier.


Randstad — Shezan Kazi, Head of AI Strategy:

We’ve seen that anyone interested in using advanced data analytics or content creation can actually do it, as long as they have a Gemini license. Watch the full session.

Supercharging collaboration — from the office to the frontline


Pepperdine University — Jonathan See, CIO:

The captioning within Google Meet is going to be a huge game changer in extending equity and accessibility, especially for those with language barriers...With Gemini for Google Workspace, we can now quickly transcribe meeting minutes within Google Docs and summarize them in a succinct way to share with our users.


Trellix — Ashley Hatter, Senior Director, Enterprise Technology:

Our favorite feature about Workspace is real-time collaboration. Google is fun. There's a lot of fun that you can have and do with your employees within Workspace…We've seen a lot of our employees be more innovative...They're taking what they were doing before and finding better ways to do it faster.


TELUS — Steven Banick, Vice President, Enterprise IT Services & Enablement:

The notion that we all live in one common document to share ideas and can see both synchronously and asynchronously changes and collaboration taking place. It is transformative…we're at the point where even our most senior executives are very comfortable and conversant in using Google Workspace. One of the things I particularly love about Workspace is that new capabilities come along every quarter…[which] helps our team members be more productive…and conditions our team to constantly experiment and try new things. That's something that we have to keep alive for long-term success.


Workday — Michelle Araujo, Sr. Director Digital Employee Experience, Business Technology:

Migrating to Workspace definitely changed the way we collaborated globally…and we became more collaborative, more productive, more inclusive because we could have different perspectives, we were not exchanging or emailing these large files…It was truly a game changer in our company and our culture.


Trellix — Gene Molloy, VP, Global Workplace, Strategy & Technology:

Google Meet has been extremely transformative for us with regards to bringing people together and collaborating. Now, with Gemini in Meet in preview, we’ve been really impressed with how it can take meeting notes, from bulletizing to capturing action items. I don’t even need to make edits to what comes back in the Google Doc.


Trimble — Frej Krook, Google Workspace Platform Manager:

We needed to communicate and collaborate, and that’s why we went with Google Workspace...It smashed all those silos, completely destroyed all the connection barriers. We had people that were communicating who literally never knew they were in the same company before.


Korean Air — Heejung Choi, Principal General Manager, Deputy CIO:

Our frontline workers are often in environments with limited access to printers and the Internet. They include our pilots, flight attendants, gate staff, and mechanics. With Google Workspace, including Google Chat, we’re able to update manuals for frontline workers in real timeWatch the full session.


Choice Hotels International — Jason Simpson, VP of Engineering:

The big thing that we lean into is the collaborative inbox within Gmail, because if any guests email the hotel, we want someone at that hotel to be able to respond to them quickly...And because everybody already has a Gmail account, there were no support issues when we were rolling out Workspace to our hotel network. Watch the full session.


WeWork — Chad Pierce, VP of Architecture and Solutions:

With over 450 billion messages on our previous platform, transitioning to Chat was a considerable undertaking. Cost was also a factor...the fact that Chat is actually included in our Workspace license was a huge benefit. There was something we didn't have to go out and procure separately...one less product to manage.

Working safer


City of Dearborn — Abdullah H. Hammoud, Mayor:

Keeping our citizens’ data safe is paramount to our mission, and we chose Gmail primarily because of its security. After replacing a legacy email provider with Gmail, our users noticed a meaningful decrease in spam, phishing, and malware, helping us reduce our cyber security risks. We also freed up our IT team’s valuable time and budget to invest in other areas, since we no longer need a separate email security solution.


Airbus — Rhys Phillips, Change & Adoption Leader - Digital Workplace: 

The decision to adopt Workspace was, of course, about increased collaboration, but it was also about security. By changing our tool set, we found that this really inspired people to change their ways of working and that's actually helping us to now foster our culture of security and data compliance. Watch the full session.


Snap — Nick Reva, Head of Corporate Security Engineering:

Because we’re a digital native company, we have the benefit of having started with Workspace at our founding, over 13 years ago. By leveraging Google Workspace’s zero-trust security model, we’ve seen zero account takeovers in over two years. This is a powerful testament to the strength of Workspace’s built-in features like 2-step verification, multi-factor authentication, and high-frequency cookie rotation. Watch the full session.

In the weeks and months ahead, we’ll be doing a deeper dive into some of the powerful and inspiring customer stories we shared at Next. In the meantime, you can watch many of the sessions on-demand, including the Workspace spotlight with our GM and Vice President, Aparna Pappu, as well as crowd favorites like How Gemini supports disability accessibility and neuroinclusion at work and Google’s productivity expert on finding your personal “uptime.”

If you’d like to discover the power of Gemini for Workspace, you can download our Prompting Guide 101, or you can get started with a no-cost trial

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