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Don’t miss these must-see G Suite sessions at Google Cloud Next '19

March 25, 2019
The G Suite Team

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Next week marks the start of our annual cloud conference: Google Cloud Next. Thousands of IT and business leaders will convene alongside industry leaders, developers, partners and Googlers, to see how businesses are reimagining work. They’ll also have the opportunity to learn practical applications for Google Cloud products, from G Suite to Google Cloud Platform to Chrome Enterprise and more.

If you are looking for inspiration or are interested in attending one of our hands-on sessions specific to G Suite, the following are “must sees.”

If you want to see how others use G Suite to reimagine work...

1. Whirlpool Went the Next Mile!
2. Why Media And Entertainment Companies Are Going G Suite
3. Empowering Global Nonprofits to Drive Impact with G Suite

4. How Colorado and Wyoming are Transforming Government with G Suite

If you want to understand the mechanics (and ROI) of G Suite, practically speaking...

5. Rethinking the business value of G Suite: How organizations have achieved 331% ROI with G Suite
6. Why Small and Medium Businesses are Going Google
7. G Suite and Chrome Accessibility Features for an Inclusive Organization

8. G Suite Migration: Success Factors for the Large Enterprise

If you want to see how G Suite can help you keep data secure…

9. Tales from the Trenches - a  Guide to Security on G Suite and Chrome

10. A Use-Case Base, Demo-Led Approach to G Suite Security

11. Protections From Bleeding Edge Phishing, Malware Attacks

If you want to become a pro in specific G Suite applications…

12. Bringing the power of Google Search to every business
13. The New Google Voice: Smart Cloud Telephony for G Suite
14. Meeting Solutions: How to Build Them, How to Manage Them, and How to Win at Them
15. How to Grow a Spreadsheet into an Application
16. Best Practices in Developing G Suite Business Apps

17. Bring your favorite enterprise apps to G Suite with new G Suite Add-ons

Big and small, businesses around the globe are using G Suite to empower their teams to work faster and smarter, together. For a full look at the sessions, view here. Or register for Next ‘19 on the website to join us in person.

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