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Hybrid Work

Hybrid work solutions with Google Workspace

December 16, 2022
The Google Workspace Team

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Hybrid work solutions with Google Workspace 

For millions of organizations, hybrid work has become the new normal, with employees spending part of their work week in the office, and part of their week working remotely. Wherever employees work, they must be able to stay connected and collaborate seamlessly. Hybrid work collaboration is fast-moving and fluid. It doesn’t just happen in scheduled meetings that span locations; it happens in countless everyday moments, from spontaneous discussions over chat to shared brainstorming documents. Tools must be flexible enough to support both real-time and anytime hybrid collaboration. The ability to easily move between modes of communication — like jumping between a shared document, chat thread, and video call with one click — is crucial.

Although hybrid work has some unique challenges, Google Workspace has been focused on enabling anywhere, anytime collaboration for well over a decade. As a cloud-native platform that prioritizes flexibility, security, and productivity, Workspace helps teams of all sizes connect, create, and collaborate everywhere that work happens.

Flexible tools to fuel hybrid work 

Google Workspace brings email, chat, files, meetings and your favorite apps into a people-first experience powered by Google AI so that you can safely connect, create and collaborate. As a full suite of integrated applications, Workspace is designed to help your team stay connected and productive, from any location.  Employees can collaborate and connect via Gmail, over Google Chat, or in real-time video meetings with Google Meet. They can create documents in Google Docs, presentations in Google Slides, and spreadsheets in Google Sheets to share with customers or others in their organization. Meanwhile, Google Calendar lets them easily check availability across team calendars and schedule meetings and work blocks.

Securely manage your hybrid team from anywhere

With hybrid teams working from the office or at home, organizations need to have reliable protections to safeguard sensitive information from cyber threats and data loss. Google Workspace is equipped with built-in tools to help administrators easily manage employees’ devices from anywhere in the world. With Google Workspace, admins can add or remove users from their organization, adjust access permissions, and customize user settings. This helps ensure that only the right personnel can access confidential data and information. 

Workspace also leverages encryption to prevent unauthorized access to information, as well as investigation tools to identify, triage, and act on security issues. Admins can use the tools to see who has accessed documents, see devices and applications used to access information, and find and erase malicious threats that could compromise their organizations. 

Why Google Workspace for hybrid work? 

1. Boost productivity with seamless collaboration
Collaboration in a hybrid world can happen anywhere, at any time. But without the right tools, staying productive and connected across all the places that work happens can feel like a burden. Google Workspace helps teams of all sizes — and across all locations — stay in sync and achieve more together. For example, a shared Doc might be used for brainstorming across the team, using simple @-mentions to bring in relevant people and data from across the organization. Or teammates might collaborate in a dedicated space in Chat, where all the relevant content for a project is organized and discussion happens. And if the people brainstorming in the shared Doc want to bring everyone together in real time, they can jump on a Google Meet call — from inside the Doc — with a single click. 

2. Harness the power of artificial intelligence
Generative AI is helping organizations boost productivity in exciting new ways. Gemini for Google Workspace helps your team create compelling first drafts, add visual punch to presentations, summarize information, and connect in more meaningful ways.

Transform the way you work with Gemini. Polish presentations in Slides by adding AI-generated speaker notes and custom images. Get inspiration with Gemini’s “Help me write” functionality in Docs, helping your team move from concept to completion faster. Get real-time translations of captions in Google Meet, breaking down language barriers to work more effectively across global teams. 

3. Protect against risk with cloud-based security solutions
Google Workspace encrypts your data in-transit and at-rest, allowing your team to work safer from anywhere — from any device. Built-in security features detect and block spam, phishing and malware. Admins can adjust permissions for users across the organization, managing hybrid employees’ devices remotely to help protect sensitive information. Whether you’re sharing documents with your team and authorized personnel or connecting via Gmail, Chat, or Meet, Google Workspace leverages secure cloud-based infrastructure to help safeguard your organization’s data and privacy. 

Hybrid work FAQs

What is hybrid work?
Hybrid work gives employees the opportunity to thrive in an environment where they do their best work. Employees have the option to work from home, from a designated office building, or  a mixture of the two. Hybrid work can also support digital nomads who move from one area to another, enjoying the freedom of worldwide travel while still working for the same employer. 

What is a hybrid work schedule?
A hybrid work schedule gives employees the flexibility to work from home on certain days and work in-office on others. While some employees may prefer working either on-site or remotely on a full-time basis, a hybrid work schedule allows them to change their environment to better suit their needs and working style. Often, employees work with a manager to create a hybrid work schedule plan. 

What are the benefits of a hybrid workplace?
In a hybrid workplace, employers are able to attract top talent, sometimes from anywhere in the world, and they may also reduce overhead costs. In turn, employees are more engaged when given the tools and freedom to work in an environment where they can do their best work. A better work-life balance can reduce burnout, enhance productivity, and help businesses retain and grow their teams. 

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