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3 reasons to consider G Suite for your growing business

May 8, 2019
Lindsey Scrase

Managing Director, Global SMB and Startups, Google Cloud

Learn more about ways G Suite can help your growing business.

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As your business scales, what were once relatively simple tasks like onboarding new employees, maintaining data security, or organizing your files become increasingly complicated. Customers often tell us that their move to G Suite helped ease these growing pains by allowing them to grow seamlessly,  stay secure, and be as efficient as possible.

1. Growing businesses use G Suite to grow seamlessly.
Collaborating with coworkers despite distance, maintaining a corporate culture, and onboarding employees are just three examples of core business activities that don’t traditionally scale well. However, cloud-based tools like G Suite can help alleviate some of this complication by allowing you to scale your teams faster, and more efficiently, around the world.

Take onboarding for instance. With G Suite, getting new team members up and running is as simple as a few clicks in the Admin console.

Twinkl Educational Publishing saw these benefits firsthand as they grew their team from 100 people in one country to more than 500 people in 14 countries (in just three years!). Pete Casson, Twinkl’s Chief Technology Office, remarks that “G Suite enables us to grow without barriers.” The now global and highly-remote Twinkl team relies on G Suite to collaborate, using Hangouts Meet to power daily standup meetings, Google Drive to ensure documents are always available and secure, and Hangouts Chat to help teams communicate quickly and move work forward. G Suite is central to Twinkl’s global growth strategy and their goal to be a geo-independent company.  

2. Growing businesses use G Suite to stay secure.
Cyber attacks on growing companies can be detrimental, as one breach is often the difference between success or failure. In fact, according to AppRiver, nearly half of small and medium businesses say a major data breach would likely shut down their business permanently.

The risks are serious, they are also often preventable. While the vast majority of cyber attacks start with a phishing email, Gmail prevents more than 99.9 percent of spam, BEC threats, and phishing emails from ever reaching your inbox. Administrators can also set rules to stop sensitive data like social security numbers or specific medical information from being maliciously—or, more often, accidentally—shared externally.

Zenconnect, a small cloud service provider based in France without a dedicated security team, chose G Suite because it makes it simple to configure, manage and ensure security for their company. As a Google Cloud Platform (GCP) customer as well, Zenconnect takes advantages of the close integration between G Suite and GCP to manage access and identity all within the same console, greatly simplifying setup.  G Suite is also equipped for the toughest security and privacy standards, including GDPR, an important consideration for Zenconnect and many other companies.

3. Growing businesses use G Suite to be as efficient as possible.
Finally, if you’re trying to scale your business, you’re likely operating full-steam under resource constraints. This means being efficient isn’t a luxury for you—it's a necessity.

G Suite is infused with Google’s artificial intelligence, which means it can help companies get work done faster than ever before. For example, assistive technology in Drive can help surface relevant content quickly so users don’t have to dig to find information, and in Gmail, AI can help you draft emails faster or even remind you to take action.

The nature of G Suite’s cloud-based tools also means there is no waiting for systems to update and minimal downtime. Even if an employee spills coffee on their computer, they can quickly get back up and running from any device with a web browser. And close integrations with other apps like Salesforce, SAP, and DocuSign can quicken workflows.

A recent report commissioned by Google and Forrester estimates that companies that adopt G Suite realized a 3X ROI in cost savings in just three years—reflected by increased employee efficiency, reduced tech support, retired on-premise hardware and consolidated software licenses. We hear from customers everyday about these types of efficiencies, like global retailer GANT, which was able to open their new flagship store 75 percent faster than usual—just 3 months, instead of the typical 12.

Getting started
If you want to set your business up for success, it’s time to consider investing in truly cloud-native tools, which can open up opportunities for growth, increase security for your company data, and, most importantly, save you time and money. To learn more about G Suite, visit gsuite.google.com.

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