Customer Story

Travis Perkins

Travis Perkins uses Google Workspace and Chromebooks to build the UK’s future infrastructure.

Travis Perkins plc is the UK’s leading building merchant and largest supplier to the construction market. The company’s IT team uses Google Workspace to help their 30,000 colleagues optimize their work day.

Coordinating 2,000 building supply branches, home improvement stores and suppliers is a major challenge, and Google Workspace tools encourage creativity among employees in central offices and on the warehouse floor by showcasing these new user-led solutions. For example, customers often arrive in store with a brick they want to match, and by photographing the brick and uploading the photo to Google+, masonry experts across the country can pool their knowledge and suggest solutions right away.

The company also built a new intranet on Google Workspace, which combines Google Calendar, Gmail, Google Drive and Google Sites for its employees. Travis Perkins staff use this tool to present tasks, deadlines, performance reviews, status of colleagues, calendar reminders and Google Meet links where a team can jump into a meeting — all from one screen. Based in the cloud, the directory is available on mobile and is easy to access and update. With cost-effective Chromebooks and Google’s web-based system in warehouses and stores, Travis Perkins is helping unleash the talent and skills of everyone on their team.

*Google Workspace was formerly known as G Suite prior to Oct. 6, 2020.