Working remotely with Google Workspace

Video meetings, group chat, and document collaboration apps make it easy to work from home and telecommute from anywhere.

Host virtual meetings

With Google Meet, host meetings from anywhere with up to 250 participants, record for later viewing, or livestream to up to 100,000 people.

Top questions we’re hearing

How do I set up Google Meet for my organization?

Ask your IT admin to turn on Google Meet in the Google Admin console via Apps > Google Workspace. Learn more.

How do I share my screen and present content in a video meeting?

Share your screen by clicking the Present now button at the bottom of your window, then select the view you want to present. Learn more.

How do I schedule a livestream event?

Create a Calendar event and add conferencing. Follow these steps to add a livestream.

How do I create a group chat?

Follow these steps to create a group chat. Or, if you regularly chat with the same group of people, create a chat room.

How many people can work in a Google Doc at once?

Up to 100. Use these tips to collaborate with more than 100 people.

Resources to help you work, teach, and learn remotely

Resources for remote meetings

Resources for working from home

Resources for teaching and learning