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Boosting productivity and creativity with Duet AI in Google Workspace while keeping your organization’s data private

November 8, 2023
Yulie Kwon Kim

VP, Product Management, Workspace Platform

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Editorial note: Duet AI for Google Workspace is now Gemini for Google Workspace. Learn more.

Building helpful, secure, and safe products that give users and customers choice and control over their data has been a bedrock principle for us for 25 years. This is more important than ever in the era of generative AI. We recently shared our privacy commitments including the security and compliance commitments for business, education, and government customers, as well as Google Cloud’s intellectual property indemnity. We also announced the next wave of innovation in Workspace, with Duet AI becoming a more helpful real-time AI collaborator. Duet AI not only saves you time and boosts your creativity — from crafting email responses to building sales presentations — it tailors its responses based on your work documents and emails. The beauty of Duet AI is that it delivers these experiences for our customers while keeping their organization’s data private and secure. In this post, I’ll take you behind the scenes to show you how it works for our commercial customers.

Keeping your organization’s data private and protected

Say your boss emails you the night before an important meeting and asks for a summary of Q3 financial results. In the past, you had to sift through your Google Drive and Gmail to find the relevant documents and emails, read them all, and then pull together the right information into a written summary. It might have taken you a few hours from start to finish. 

Duet AI can now do the heavy lifting for you in seconds, and all you have to do is ask Duet AI to “create a summary of Q3 financial performance” (as shown in the animation below). Duet AI then automatically identifies emails and documents most relevant to your prompt, briefly uses this information to generate a tailored response, and cites the source content, such as the “2023 Q3 Business Forecast” spreadsheet. 

Duet AI saves you time by generating a summary from relevant documents and emails

Whether you ask Duet AI to summarize Q3 financial results, take notes in a meeting, write a blog post, or add a unique image to your slide, your data is yours and under your control. In simple terms, this means that Duet AI only uses your content to provide more useful responses to your prompts and does not use your content to train or improve Duet AI or any other generative AI models. Let’s use the previously shown example and take a deeper look at what Duet AI does and does not do with your content in practice:


In addition to the built-in controls, Duet AI runs on the same Google infrastructure and follows the same security and privacy processes as the rest of Google Workspace Core Services like Gmail, Google Meet, and Docs, and extends the existing capabilities of these services. Thus, Duet AI is covered by the scope of our existing Workspace ISO 27001 certification and SOC 2 report. 

We are also aiming to enhance Duet AI by the end of the year to support HIPAA workloads when requested by our healthcare and life sciences customers. For U.S. public sector organizations, we are working with authorities to extend Workspace's FedRAMP Moderate and High authorization to Duet AI as well. This will make Duet AI available to more organizations, and we are working to expand our compliance support coverage for Duet AI to align with the full set of Workspace certifications.

A diagram showing built-in Duet AI privacy and security controls for commercial customers after a user enters the prompt

Learn more

With Duet AI, you can save even more time and get a creative boost as you get your work done. What doesn’t change is your choice and control over your data. To learn more about compliance and digital sovereignty capabilities in Workspace and hear directly from our customers, including Verizon, PwC UK, and U.S. General Services Administration, watch the Cloud Next ‘23 breakout session. For data protection capabilities, including zero trust access controls and AI-powered data classification, check out the security breakout session. 

Workspace’s robust security and privacy commitments for customers can be found here, and commercial and public sector organizations that want to get started with Duet AI can find more information here.

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