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Enterprise-grade Gemini is now available for teams of all sizes with Google Workspace

February 21, 2024
Aparna Pappu

GM and Vice President, Google Workspace

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On February 8, we announced the next chapter of our Gemini era. Starting today, Duet AI for Google Workspace will now be Gemini for Google Workspace, giving customers access to Google’s most capable AI models. As part of this update, Gemini will be built into the Workspace apps that millions of customers use every day. Gemini for Workspace will also include a new standalone experience that allows users to chat with Gemini and features enterprise-grade data protections. This new experience begins rolling out today.

Gemini for Workspace is now available via two plans: a Gemini Enterprise add-on, which replaces Duet AI for Workspace Enterprise, and a new Gemini Business add-on, at a lower price point, extending access for teams and organizations of all sizes getting started with generative AI. Read on for all the details and to see how you can experience Gemini for Workspace today.

New ways to chat with Gemini, with added enterprise-grade data protections 

We are giving customers a new way to chat directly with Gemini, safely and securely through a new standalone chat experience. This builds on our recent consumer innovations with Gemini Advanced, plus we’ve added enterprise-grade data protections and copyright indemnification. By leveraging Gemini 1.0 Ultra, our largest and most capable model widely available today, we are able to provide insightful and expert responses to help people at work. Now, diverse teams in SMBs to large enterprises can use Gemini in more sophisticated ways with confidence that their interactions can be kept private.

For example, a marketing manager can use Gemini to help them identify topics for an email marketing campaign by analyzing industry trends, product developments, and competitor messaging. Gemini can then assist in crafting compelling copy that directly ties those trends to their unique offering, with a benefit-oriented subject line to drive open rates.

Alternatively, a business analyst charged with finding growth for their division can use Gemini to quickly identify trends and discover potential new applications for their product. By chatting with Gemini, they can further explore and validate promising opportunities, then package their findings into a business proposal for leadership.

Google Workspace customers can now chat directly with Gemini, safely and securely through a new standalone experience.

Whether researching or summarizing data, looking for business trends across complex data sets, or creating compelling copy that will resonate with a specific audience, Gemini can help people and teams take work from ideation to execution with speed and precision.

Bringing Gemini to more customers

On any given day, millions of small businesses use Google Workspace to connect, create, and collaborate, and in a recent survey, 88% of SMB customers expressed interest in working with generative AI to assist them with data analysis, task management, email drafting, customer support, and more.* To help businesses like them be more productive with their limited resources, we’re launching the Gemini Business add-on for existing Workspace customers looking to work with Gemini, and for new customers signing up for Workspace for the first time.

Gemini Business gives customers access to Gemini in their Workspace apps and they can chat with Gemini in the new standalone experience. Small businesses and teams can now build upon and augment their own expertise with Gemini as a research analyst, a professional editor, a customer service assistant, a creative partner, and more. Gemini Business add-on is priced as low as $20 per user per month, with an annual commitment.

Gemini Enterprise, formerly Duet AI for Workspace Enterprise, has these same capabilities, with unfettered access to Gemini for heavy users of generative AI. It also includes AI-powered meetings where Gemini can translate captions in 100+ language pairs, and soon even take meeting notes for you. Gemini Enterprise is priced as low as $30 per user per month, with an annual commitment.

With a Gemini Business and Gemini Enterprise plan, your conversations are not used for advertising purposes, reviewed by human reviewers, or otherwise used to train generative machine-learning technologies. In fact, all of our commitments to data privacy, confidentiality, and security apply to Gemini for Workspace.

We're also working to bring Gemini for Workspace to education customers, and we look forward to sharing more about this in the coming weeks.

Get started today with Gemini for Workspace 

Over the last year, more than a million people and thousands of companies have used generative AI in Workspace to not just get more done, but to do things they’ve never done before. As we embrace this next wave of innovation, we can’t wait to see all the ways Gemini will help people be more creative, boost their productivity, and transform how they work. 

See how you can experience Gemini for Workspace today.

Consumers can also access Gemini in their personal Gmail, Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Meet apps through a Google One AI Premium subscription

*Source: Research study was commissioned by Google Cloud and conducted by Morning Consult between December 13-19, 2023. The survey was conducted among a representative sample of 1,000 US small businesses, with 300 Sole Proprietors, 400 VSBs, and 300 SMBs.

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