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Celebrating Women’s History Month and Embracing Equity with Google Workspace

April 7, 2023
Meaghan Sullivan

Customer Programs Lead, Google Workspace

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The theme for International Women’s Day on March 8th this year was #EmbraceEquity. At Google Workspace we wanted to actively support the embrace equity movement by sharing the voices and experiences of women from different fields and backgrounds. Last month, we began sharing videos recorded by women leaders, founders, and/or owners of businesses and organizations across our social channels. 

We received so many recordings from phenomenal leaders that we will continue to share these videos in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out for even more inspirational stories and examples of embracing equity from folks like Anastasia Georgievskaya, the CEO and Founder of HelloAva, Jackie Bona, the CEO of Valora, Mandy Price, the Co-Founder and CEO of Kanarays Inc., and many more! 

Hear from women leaders about how they are embracing equity and celebrating women everywhere in our Celebrating Women at Google Workspace video playlist. And further below we’ve listed some of these women leaders’ favorite tips for getting the most of Workspace. We encourage our Google Workspace community  to join us to embrace equity because together we can work to drive positive change.


A compilation video of advice and inspiration from women leaders.

Bonus Section: Workspace Top Tips from Women Leaders

Not only did these women share their voices, they also shared some of their favorite Google Workspace tips. 

Shared family calendar
“We leverage a shared Google Calendar to make sure that we can stay on top of everything that's happening. That calendar is a lifesaver both in terms of running our personal lives, but also allowing me to make sure I can focus on work when I need to and then focus on home when I need to.”
Laura B Tedesco, Chief Strategy & Chief Marketing Officer, The Honey Pot Company 

Custom Google domain
“I was running my business with the standard Gmail domain, but I found that using a Google Domain that is reflective of my business entity has provided me with a more professional presence online with the same functionality of the standard Gmail account. So I encourage you all to invest in yourself, invest in your company, and invest in a Google Domain.”
— Shawna Stepp-Jones, Founder & CEO, Divaneering Lab, Inc.

Scheduling email
“My favorite tip is perhaps scheduling when your email will be sent. Inspiration can strike you at any time, but you want to make sure that your emails reach your recipient at the best and most appropriate time.”
Anastasia Georgievskaya, CEO, Haut.AI 

Calendar and Sheets
“If there are a couple of workspace tools that I cannot live without, number one is the calendar.  And my goodness, you'll be surprised how much it helps organize my husband and I. And so it comes in handy when we have to both work on joint projects or joint things for the household. The next one I have to say is sheets. I mean, Sheets is incredible from just a sharing perspective…Sheets to the rescue.”
Anita Kibunguchy-Grant, Head of Product Marketing, Databases, Google Cloud/Small Business Owner & Founder

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