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U.S. Army chooses Google Workspace to deliver cutting-edge collaboration

October 4, 2022
Will Grannis

CEO, Google Public Sector

Google Public Sector will provide 250,000 active-duty enlisted members of the U.S. Army with Google Workspace.

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In June, we announced the creation of Google Public Sector, a new Google division focusing on helping U.S. public sector entities—including federal, state, and local governments, and educational institutions—accelerate their digital transformations. It is our belief that Google Public Sector, and our industry partner ecosystem, will play an important role in applying cloud technology to solve complex problems for our nation. 

Today, I’m proud to announce one of our first big partnerships following the launch of this new subsidiary, as Google Public Sector will provide up to 250,000 personnel of the U.S. Army workforce with the Google Workspace. The government has asked for more choice in cloud vendors who can support its missions, and Google Workspace will equip today’s military with a leading suite of collaboration tools to get their work done.

In the Army, personnel often need to work across remote locations, in challenging environments, with seamless collaboration key to their success. Google Workspace was designed with these challenges in mind and can be deployed quickly across a diverse set of working conditions, locations, jobs, and skill levels. And more than three billion users already rely on Google Workspace, which means that they’re familiar tools and require little training or extended ramp-up time for Army personnel—ultimately helping Soldiers and employees communicate better and more securely than ever before. 

Working with Accenture Federal Services under the Army Cloud Account Management Optimization contract and our implementation partner SADA, we’re excited to help the Army deploy a cloud-first collaboration solution, improving upon more traditional technologies with unparalleled security and versatility. SADA will also oversee the change management and training of the 250,000 users and ongoing managed services for Army’s Workspace environment. Google Workspace is not only “born in the cloud” with secure-by-design architecture, but also provides a clear path to future features and innovations.

One of the key reasons we are able to serve the U.S. Army is that Google Workspace recently received an Impact Level 4 authorization from the DoD. IL4 is a DoD security designation related to the safe handling of controlled unclassified information (CUI). That means government officials and others can use Google Workspace with more confidence and ease than ever before. 

Momentum for Google Public Sector

With Google Public Sector, we are committed to building our relationship with the U.S. Army and with other public sector agencies. In fact, we recently announced a partnership with Acclima to provide New York State with hyperlocal air quality monitoring and an alliance with Arizona State University to deliver an immersive online K-12 learning technology to students in the United States and around the world.

This is just the start. Google Public Sector is dedicated to helping U.S. public sector customers become experts in Google Cloud’s advanced cybersecurity products, protecting people, data, and applications from increasingly pervasive and challenging cyber threats. We have numerous training and certification programs for public sector employees and our partners in digital and cloud skills, and we continue to expand our ecosystem of partners capable of building new solutions to better serve U.S. public sector organizations.

Delivering the best possible public services means making life better and work more fulfilling for millions of people, inside and outside of government. We're thrilled by what we are accomplishing at Google Public Sector, particularly with today’s partnership with the U.S. Army, and look forward to announcing even more great developments in the future. 

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