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Announcing the launch of Premium Support for your enterprise and mission-critical needs

January 15, 2020
Atul Nanda

Vice President, Cloud Support

New support tiers from Google Cloud offer even more tailored support for your enterprise-class, mission-critical workloads.

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We’re proud to announce the launch of Google Cloud Premium Support, which includes a robust set of services and systems to serve the enterprise and mission-critical needs of Google Cloud customers. We know that our customers need Google Cloud Support to be available in seamless, simple, and straightforward ways. We’re building upon our current technical account manager (TAM) service and 15-minute SLOs to add a more proactive approach and an improved overall experience.

Premium Support has been designed to better meet the needs of our customers running modern cloud technology. And we've made investments to improve the customer experience, with an updated support model that is proactive, unified, centered around the customer, and flexible to meet the differing needs of their businesses. 

As a Premium Support customer, you’ll have your cases handled directly by context-aware experts who understand your unique application stack, architecture, and implementation details. This team will work hand-in-hand with your Technical Account Manager to deliver a customer-centric support experience with faster case resolution, more personalized service, and higher customer satisfaction. 

Premium Support helps bring consistency between the support plans for Google Cloud Platform and G Suite; a more competitive set of features and services; simplified pricing compared to the previous Google Cloud support offerings; intelligent systems (like third-party technology support, Support API and Recommenders); enterprise-class services; and as mentioned, customer context-aware interactions to help optimize the customer experience in Google Cloud. 

Here’s an overview of the Premium Support benefits:


We know that our customers are running dynamic businesses and might have special projects and needs that are emerging. So, in addition to the new Premium Support, we have designed advanced services to be purchased as add-ons when needed:

  • Advanced event management service—For deeper architecture review and increased readiness for peak events, we offer advanced event management that can be purchased separately.

  • Expanded TAM coverage—For companies with global operations that need TAM guidance in multiple time zones, you can purchase additional TAM support during business hours in other regions.

  • Mission-critical support—In pilot with customers and available later this year, this service will help customers evaluate their DevOps / SRE practices and suggest recommendations that will improve supportability and reduce downtime for mission-critical workloads.

Premium Support is being launched now, and we’ll continue to roll out additional features and support plans through 2020. You can stay up to date on our new Cloud Customer Care portfolio.

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