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Learn Google Workspace and Gemini with these on-demand guides and training options — from beginner to advanced

May 21, 2024
Kieren Jameson

Director of Learning Content & Portfolio, Google Cloud

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Google Workspace — our integrated solution that brings together Gmail, Meet, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Drive, and more — empowers individuals and businesses to safely connect, create, and collaborate from anywhere. With such a powerful suite of tools, including cutting edge generative AI capabilities, we understand it can be hard to get started or make the most of your experience. That’s why we created a series of guides and on-demand training options to help you along your Google Workspace journey. Whether you’re just getting started, or you’re looking to be a power user, we’ve got you covered!

Getting started with Google Workspace and Gemini for Workspace

If you’re new to Google Workspace, the Learning Center can help you get started. Our guides will make sure your organization is Google Workspace ready from day 1, with topics like how to set up Chrome, Gmail, and Calendar across your company’s devices. You’ll also learn ways Google Workspace can help you communicate effectively, share and collaborate, run projects, and boost your productivity.

For new and experienced users, Google Workspace has added features that use AI to help boost your productivity. Use Gemini for Workspace to write a quick first draft of a document, summarize long email threads, illustrate presentations, and more! Learn about how generative AI can boost your productivity and creativity in our generative AI training article.

Targeted training

We offer a variety of courses and training guides to suit different learning objectives and use cases. Get started with Google AI Essentials, a self-paced course designed to help people across roles and industries learn AI skills to boost their productivity. Next, explore practical applications with role-specific guides, like our article on project management. We also offer industry-focused resources, including our popular guide for the financial sector.

For a comprehensive understanding of our products, check out our product specific guides. Discover how to make the most of your current tools, and explore new ones. Learn to connect seamlessly with colleagues, regardless of location, and effortlessly bring projects to life, all while maintaining strict control over file and data access for optimal security.

Take your training further

Interested in more training? We offer a number of on-demand training options, from courses to hands-on labs, available on Google Cloud Skills Boost.

  • Gemini for Google Workspace: Explore the generative AI features in Google Workspace with this series of six mini courses.

  • Calendar: Learn how to create and manage events, share calendars, and make your schedule searchable.

  • Chat: Collaborate with your team, all in one place, using direct messages and spaces. 

  • Docs: Take your creative collaboration further with comments and action items, personalized preferences, and the Google Docs Explore tool.

  • Drive: Do more with your assets by organizing, protecting, and sharing files.

  • Gmail: Explore actions, settings, and features that will help you better organize your inbox and compose more engaging emails.

  • Meet: Meet face-to-face with your team, wherever they are, through video meetings.

  • Sheets: Create, edit, and collaborate on spreadsheets directly in your browser with no additional software required.

  • Sheets - Advanced Topics: Get more out of your data with formulas, functions, charts, and tables.

  • Slides: Build and collaborate on professional presentations for proposals, sales, marketing, and training.

Check out our full lineup of additional training resources, and our Beyond the prompt series, which offers practical examples and expert tips to help you improve your use of Gemini for Google Workspace. Whatever you hope to do with Google Workspace, there’s an on-demand guide or training option to meet your needs!

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