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JBGoodwin REALTORS: Finding a home for better productivity

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Based in central Texas, JBGoodwin is a real estate agency that helps connect buyers, sellers, and renters to home opportunities. Founded in 1972, JBGoodwin maintains offices in Austin and San Antonio, Texas.

Features used
Google Meet

JBGoodwin’s previous productivity platform was built from multiple legacy solutions that ran into compatibility and usability issues, hindering employee productivity. The real estate agency pushed to rebuild its entire productivity suite around a unified solution to encourage intuitive collaboration among its staff.

Google Workspace Results

Improves client engagement through enhanced communication and collaboration.

• Improves employee productivity through collaborative features in Google Workspace, encouraging easier agent and client communication

• Saves time via automated Google Data Studio reporting, allowing for instant analysis and insights

• Reduces required agent onboarding time from an hour to only five minutes

Enabling Change

Solutions: Work reimagined

"With Google Workspace, we are able to easily communicate with our clients and collaborate within the company. The less time agents spend troubleshooting office tools, the more time they can spend helping clients and creating sales opportunities." – Edward Tull, Director of Technology, JBGoodwin

JBGoodwin sought to redefine the way real estate agents collaborate with the help of Google productivity solutions. Google Workspace office apps, including Sheets and Docs, are now heavily used for daily work by agents and assist with tasks such as document editing and data entry. Drive provides a centralized and cost-effective location for file storage, simplifying document management, eliminating duplicate files, and allowing employees to edit documents simultaneously. Employees also only need to check a single Calendar for all co-workers rather than multiple versions, streamlining the scheduling of meetings.

Migrating to Gmail reduces the time required for platform maintenance by 30 percent and improves data security by catching phishing attempts before they reach employees. Agents use Google Meet and Google Chat for conferencing between regional offices and to connect with home buyers based out of state, providing an added level of client service and attentiveness.

JBGoodwin is also using Google Data Studio to more quickly access and analyze information from a range of weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual reports, saving time and freeing up leadership significantly. Office Managers, for example, no longer have to devote 20 percent of their time to building these reports thanks to Data Studio.

Deployment partner UpCurve Cloud assisted JBGoodwin with the entire Google Workspace migration process for its 750-person staff. UpCurve Cloud executed a staggered 90-day rollout from IT to line of business employees and provided accessible documentation to help with office-level troubleshooting, enabling a non-disruptive migration that fosters success.

*Google Workspace was formerly known as G Suite prior to Oct. 6, 2020.

Google Cloud Premier Partner

UpCurve Cloud

UpCurve Cloud, a Google Cloud Services Partner, provides businesses with cloud deployment assistance. Through its consulting and planning services, UpCurve Cloud guides companies interested in using Google as the foundation for their business, helping to ensure the success of their infrastructure migration.