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Integrate, customize, and extend Google Workspace

Build intelligent apps and workflows using a range of developer tools that fit your needs.

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Pager duty and Jira integrations for Workspace

Ways to build

Use APIs and UI toolkits to build custom solutions, surfacing data and enhancing workflows

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Build low-code apps and automations quickly and easily using Apps Script

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Create no-code apps and workflows using AppSheet to automate more of your work

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Use thousands of ready-made apps from the Google Workspace Marketplace

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Featured solutions

Google Chat integrations for Workspace.

Enrich team conversations with Chat apps

Improve real-time decision making, provide easier access to data, and streamline workflows with apps for shift management, issue tracking, customer records, and more

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Google Chat integrations for Workspace.

Bring information from other apps into your documents with Smart Chips

Tag and provide rich previews from your favorite apps

User using smart chips feature to import info from other apps

Customize your existing solutions with Calendar, Drive, and Meet APIs

Schedule and launch meetings directly from other apps or get critical information about meeting attendance

User utilizing Google Meet integration to access meetings from other apps

Empower data-informed decisions with Google Cloud’s analytics tools

Use Google Sheets integrations with Big Query, Looker, and Data Studio for real-time analytics and richer data visualizations

Richer data visualizations and charts with Google Sheets Looker integrations

Build on a secure cloud-first platform

Govern app usage and distribution on a platform trusted by developers worldwide

Manage your apps with ease

Manage both 3rd-party and custom internal apps across Google Workspace in the Admin Center

Distribute apps across your organization

Use domain-wide install or create allowlists for certain apps to distribute to particular groups

Partners integrating with Google Workspace today

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Customer stories

Asana company logo

“We're able to bring essential information into one central place, so teams can achieve balance over burnout.”

Strand Sylvester, Product Manager, Asana

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Asana Customer Testimonial
SADA company logo

"All the streamlined processes we’ve put in place empower our teams so that we can now take on bigger projects and help more organizations drive real business transformation by solving their most complex problems with Google Workspace."

Kelly Wright, Director of Workspace, SADA

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Sada customer testimonial
Singapore Press Holdings company logo

“Apps Script enabled us to build a workflow engine within Google Workspace that means we deliver all memos and requests electronically and contribute to our vision of a paperless office. We have also created a central repository that allows users to monitor memo, electronic request submissions and track usage.”

Goh Lai Fun, Head of HR Systems, Singapore Press Holdings

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Singapore Press Holdings customer testimonial
Docusign company logo

“The convenience our customers realize with our Google Workspace Add-on is huge, which is why it drives adoption and long-term retention of our eSignature services. When customers use our apps as integrations, they’re less likely to churn. Our trial-to-paid subscription rates are two times higher when customers use the integration from the Google Marketplace versus when they just download our app from our website.”

Tony Ramoutar, Senior Product Manager of Integrations, DocuSign

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DocuSign customer testimonial
Adobe company logo

“The breadth of the Google ecosystem is super important for us. A platform that allows me to build once and deploy on multiple apps—that’s a win.”

Siddharth Arora, Manager, Product Management at Adobe

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Adobe customer testimonial

Frequently asked questions

  • The Google Workspace admin console allows admins to control access to specific apps, and it can help admins distribute apps and control their access to data by groups within a given organization.

  • Apps used within Google Workspace are available to users at no additional cost. Some third party apps require additional licensing as determined by the independent developer of each app, but there is no incremental cost from Google to use these apps. Custom apps are also free to use, except for apps built with AppSheet, which does require app users to have an AppSheet license. 

  • AppSheet is a no-code product for building applications, integrated with Google Workspace. It’s a service integrated with Google Workspace that enables anyone to rapidly build applications that digitally transform and streamline work, using a simple drag and drop interface that requires no coding experience to use.

  • Apps require no additional Google Workspace license costs to build. Using Workspace APIs and SDKs are free of charge.

  • Google Workspace developer documentation can be found at, which include information on Apps Script. You can find more information by subscribing to our newsletter and following our YouTube channel, our developer community, or on Stack Overflow.

  • No, Apps Script is not required to build apps for Google Workspace, but it does provide pre configured features like streamlined authentication configuration, code libraries, and a built in code editor which simplify the app development process in many scenarios. Developers may opt to use the tools and languages of their choice in lieu of working with Apps Script as well. 

  • Developers may opt to use the tools and languages of their choice.  You may also use Apps Script to build apps for Google Workspace, it provides pre-configured features like streamlined authentication configuration, code libraries, and a built-in code editor which simplifies the app development process in many scenarios.

  • Box is integrated with Google Workspace. All of your Box content is hosted in Google Cloud, giving you added protection with Google’s advanced built-in security features.

  • Turn on Google Workspace APIs in a Google Cloud project. You can enable one or multiple Google Workspace APIs at the same time in your Product Library in Google Console:

    • Apps Script API: Manages and executes Google Apps Script projects.

    • Calendar API: Automate and enhance Google Calendar with low-code, web-based add-ons.

    • Chat API: Build Chat apps to integrate your services with Google Chat and manage Chat resources such as spaces, members, and messages.

    • Docs API: Reads and writes Google Docs documents.

    • Drive API: Manage files in Drive including uploading, downloading, searching, detecting changes, and updating sharing permissions.

    • Events API: Manage Google Calendar events including creating, deleting, importing, and updating meetings.

    • Gmail API: View and manage Gmail mailbox data like threads, messages, and labels.

    • Meet API: Create and manage video conferencing meetings in Google Meet

    • Sheets API: Reads and writes Google Sheets.

    • Slides API: Reads and writes Google Slides presentations.

    Use the Google Workspace APIs Explorer to see more APIs and get full documentation.

  • Google Workspace works with Microsoft Office 365, making collaboration across organizations easier. Google Drive supports over 100 different file types and formats, giving you the option to convert and export Microsoft Word files to Google Docs, Excel to Google Sheets, and more.

  • Zapier works with Google Workspace, making it easier to automate tasks across a variety of third-party apps.

  • Jira can be integrated with Google Workspace, making project management easier. Sign into Jira with your Google Workspace login. Manage issues and bugs, receive status updates, and keep your team updated within connected Google Workspace apps.

  • Google Workspace can be integrated with Salesforce. The Salesforce Connector Google Workspace Marketplace app allows you to easily sync information between Gmail, Google Calendar, and Salesforce. Import contacts, create leads, send or respond to emails using Salesforce Email Templates, and more.

  • Yes, you can integrate Google Workspace with Okta. This integration simplifies cloud-based identity management, using your Google Workspace login to connect seamlessly.

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