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Beyond the prompt: Part 6 — How to standardize and personalize customer service responses using Gemini for Workspace

May 23, 2024
The Google Workspace Team

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Welcome back to Beyond the prompt, our blog series focused on actionable tips to get the most out of Gemini for Google Workspace.

We all know customer service roles are demanding, from multi-tasking to managing customer emotions and expectations, to switching between different communication styles. Luckily, the thoughtful use of generative AI can help you not only save time, but also create personalized, tone-appropriate responses on the fly. By collaborating with AI, customer service teams can create a consistent customer experience and raise the bar on virtually all their communications.  

Let’s take a look at one way using Gemini for Workspace can help customer service teams craft professional, empathetic communications in seconds to improve customer loyalty.

Deliver the right response for customers

Imagine this scenario: You’re a customer service representative, and you spend your days responding to hundreds of messages from customers with a range of questions and feedback.  You’re responsible for responding directly to these customer inquiries and concerns. You just received an email from someone who received damaged goods and they’re upset. You don’t want to use a templatized response or script because you want to respond with a more personalized, custom note. You open a new Google Doc, and then you select Help me write. You type:

Help me craft an empathetic email response. I am a customer service representative, and I need to create a response to a customer complaint. The customer ordered a pair of headphones that arrived damaged. They’ve already contacted us via email and provided pictures of the damage. I’ve offered a replacement, but they’re requesting an expedited shipping option that isn’t typically included with their order. Include a paragraph that acknowledges their frustration and three bullet points with potential resolutions.

Gemini generates an email template and response

Gemini generates an email template and response in seconds. You can adjust the formatting as needed, and tweak the response to make sure the suggestions align with your company policies while maintaining a professional and empathetic tone. 

Now, you’re ready to respond to the next customer!

As always, remember to review all outputs from Gemini for Workspace to ensure relevancy, accuracy, and clarity. Generative AI is meant to help humans, but the final output is yours. 

Can’t wait for the next post in the series? Download the Prompting guide 101 ebook and get started with Gemini for Workspace today. And, learn how Sports Basement reduced its customer service team’s response time by 30-35% using Gemini for Workspace.

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