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The gift of better work with Duet AI in Google Workspace

January 10, 2024
The Google Workspace Team

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In 2023, we introduced Duet AI in Google Workspace, and today, over 1 million users and thousands of organizations have experienced how it can transform their day-to-day work. From writing product descriptions to generating strategy plans to organizing data and creating original imagery, customers are embracing more productive and inclusive ways to achieve their goals. To usher in the New Year, and in celebration of our customers’ success, here’s how Duet AI helped some of our customers work better in 2023.

Save time and boost productivity

Emails, deadlines, presentations — people are busier than ever in today’s world of work, and this is leading to 20% of employees experiencing burnout globally, according to McKinsey & Company’s 2023 survey. Duet AI enables teams to reduce the burdensome parts of their days and get more done in less time. For example, Dustin Myers, SVP of Production Operations at Fox Sports, says using Duet AI’s “Help Me Write function is saving me hours.” 

The gift of time benefits more than just an individual; it can change the way team members collaborate. Caroline Moon, Program Manager of AI Productivity at Hudson River Trading shares, “From igniting creativity in brainstorming sessions to drafting seamless Google Sheets templates, we are always finding innovative ways to be more productive with Duet AI in Google Workspace.” 

Freed up time, increased creativity, and getting more done — here’s to working smarter in 2024! 

Build inclusive teams through collaboration 

In a hybrid work world, having the tools to seamlessly collaborate and connect across time zones, job functions, and even languages is more important than ever. With Duet AI, multilingual workforces have an opportunity to build inclusive work environments across language barriers. 

To do this, Jessie Xia, CIO at Thoughtworks turned to Duet AI. "Duet AI in Google Workspace enables us to collaborate better. People in non-English speaking countries can speak more freely. We are able to unleash the potential from more people across the globe,” Xia says. Authentic connection underlies effective collaboration, and using technology to nurture a connected workforce can help teams have a larger collective impact. 

Work in new ways without sacrificing privacy or security

For more than 25 years, Google has built helpful, secure products that give users choice and control over their data. It’s a bedrock principle for us, and this remains true in the era of generative AI with Duet AI in Google Workspace. No matter the industry, protecting privacy and security is critical, and trust is non-negotiable when it comes to your data. 

For Sean Baker, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) of Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences, security is always top-of-mind, especially when it comes to piloting Duet AI with his team. Baker says, “A long history of using Google Workspace made it a lot easier for us to participate. Security is not a choice in the Department of Defense." 

With a long history of being a Google Cloud and Google Workspace customer, Ranjan Roy, VP of Strategy at Adore Me, a Victoria’s Secret & Co brand, advocated for the team to adopt Duet AI. "We already had the feeling of security and trust across the organization. We didn’t have to sell our CTO on getting people to use [Duet AI],” says Roy, “He already has a decade of trust built into Google Workspace.” 

Whether it’s an enterprise or a government customer, trust, choice, and control over their data enables teams to focus more energy on their core business so that they can continue to deliver on their missions. 

Here’s to the customers and organizations that are embracing new ways to work and collaborate with AI.

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