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Google Voice

Modernize your business phone systems—migrate to the cloud with Voice for G Suite

August 6, 2019
Ajay Surie

Senior Product Manager, Google Voice

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For a lot of businesses, a missed call can mean a disappointed customer or potentially losing a sale. Because of this, phone systems are as critical today as they were before the Internet. And while most businesses recognize advances brought on by the internet—like email, the advent of online ordering and improved customer support—they often overlook an obvious one: phones. Business phone systems are now smarter, simpler to use and easier to scale, which is why companies are using Google Voice for G Suite, one of the latest add-ons to our productivity and collaboration solution.

Since its launch in April, Voice for G Suite has helped customers like Nielsen and Dow Jones start to migrate their phone systems to the cloud, offering their employees more flexibility in how they place and receive calls across all devices. When your business phone number is smart enough to know your schedule and block spam callers, you have the ability to better manage your most valuable resource at work: time. 

Voice’s functionality and availability continues to grow with new features and more countries. Here’s a snapshot of some of the latest additions:

  • Auto-attendant lets admins set up automated menus to route callers without having to record a message. Using Google’s natural-sounding Wavenet text-to-speech artificial intelligence, Voice can help read typed menus in up to nine languages. Plus, these menus can be set up or modified in just a few minutes.
  • In 9 countries and growing. Voice continues to expand with fully-compliant services in new markets with new countries to come very soon. See the full list here
  • Advanced audio controls let employees choose which microphone and speaker/headset they use during calls, and the device they want to hear ringing. For example, if you want to use a headset for your call audio and microphone, but aren’t always wearing it, you can select your laptop to ring so you don’t miss calls. Learn more.

If you haven’t looked into Voice for G Suite yet, now is a great time to get started. We’re making work calls feel less like work by bringing the simplicity, ease of use and smarts of Google Voice to business phone system. Reach out to your G Suite sales representative, reseller, or visit the Voice for G Suite website to buy online.

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