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Announcing new G Suite partner integrations for eDiscovery and archiving

February 4, 2020
Joshua Stageberg

Product Manager

We’re highlighting key G Suite technical integrations with partners for eDiscovery and archiving.

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At Google, we’re committed to giving our G Suite customers as much choice as possible when it comes to their workflows and business processes. Google Vault plays a key role serving customer needs in the areas of eDiscovery and archiving, but sometimes additional features, management, and workflows are required. Today, we’re highlighting new technical integrations with partners to enable deeper eDiscovery and archiving capabilities.

Existing G Suite capabilities

Google Vault, an add-on to G Suite basic (and included at no additional cost in G Suite Business or G Suite Enterprise), provides G Suite customers with the ability to retain data in place as well as perform search and export for eDiscovery across many core G Suite products, like Gmail, Drive, and Hangouts Chat.

Additionally, Google Vault APIs enable customers and partners to provide more complex workflows to users when needed. Some customers choose to use a third-party archiving solution to support their compliance and regulatory requirements. Partner integrations with Drive, and Gmail Enterprise journaling, help G Suite customers leverage these third-party archiving solutions easily and seamlessly with G Suite.

Daniel Mandon, VP, Information Governance & eDiscovery Operations at News Corp., said, “We are excited that Google is working actively with our eDiscovery partners to create successful integrations and enhance Vault's capabilities. I am personally excited to see how they continue to improve and evolve the product.”

Extending G Suite capabilities with technical integrations

We’ve been working hard with a number of partners to help them build and deliver technical integrations in the eDiscovery and archiving space for joint customers. As we dive into the first day of the 2020 Legaltech conference in New York, we’re sharing a look at some of the partner integrations we’ve accomplished in the last year.


Veritas now has an integration with Gmail Enterprise journaling to enable native Gmail archiving in Enterprise Vault and EV.cloud. G Suite Enterprise and G Suite Enterprise for Education customers can now set up journaling to deliver copies of email messages sent and received by Gmail to Enterprise Vault and use Enterprise Vault’s robust email retention, classification, supervision, and eDiscovery capabilities on Gmail and any other data sources stored in Enterprise Vault.


Zapproved integrates its ZDiscovery platform with Google Vault APIs to enable users to seamlessly preserve G Suite data. This integration streamlines the process when responding to litigation by enabling in-place preservations directly from ZDiscovery’s Legal Hold Pro when issuing a litigation hold. By directly connecting the Google Vault APIs to ZDiscovery, users can simply click to preserve data in many G Suite applications like Gmail, Hangouts Chat, and Drive.



Congruity360 integrates Hold360 (formerly SaGo Legal Hold), a litigation hold solution that reduces timelines and cost associated with litigation hold workflows, with Google Vault APIs. This enables Hold360 customers to manage holds in many G Suite applications like Gmail, Hangouts Chat and Drive, as well as create and track hold notifications from a single platform.



Logikcull just announced an integration for search and export of G Suite data for eDiscovery, leveraging Google Vault APIs. Logikcull customers can now export data relevant to disputes and investigations from G Suite directly into Logikcull’s Instant Discovery software for further culling, searching, and review.



Globanet’s Merge1 platform integrates with G Suite Drive APIs to enable third-party capture and archiving support for Drive files. This allows G Suite customers to utilize third-party archiving for Google Drive for advanced archiving and compliance needs. Key features include capturing comments, and the latest versions of shared documents.

Learn more about Vault, or if you have advanced eDiscovery or archiving needs, reach out to one of our partners listed above.

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