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Gain deeper organizational insights and take action with new G Suite features

September 19, 2018
Reena Nadkarni

Group Product Manager, G Suite, G Suite

Today, we're announcing two new ways admins can gain greater insight into their organizations to help employees focus on work that’s core to success.

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Companies across the world are exploring digital transformation to increase collaboration, leading to more idea exchange, less organizational silos and more opportunity for growth. Be it a healthcare company like SCL Health looking for ways to streamline patient care, or a media company like Nielsen looking to collaborate in real-time, every organization is unique—and so, too, are its needs.

For this reason, businesses are turning to cloud-native apps like G Suite to gain greater visibility into their organization, as well as to have more control over policies that keep their data secure.

Today, we're announcing two new ways admins can gain greater insight into their organizations to help employees focus on work that’s core to success.

See how your organization collaborates with Work Insights

Work Insights is a tool built specifically to help businesses measure and understand the impact of digital transformation within their organizations, driven by G Suite. With Work Insights—now available in beta—admins can quickly surface organizational insights about G Suite deployments at the team level (aggregated at 10 people or more) and understand adoption patterns for G Suite apps.

With adoption charts in Work Insights, admins can analyze trends and track deployment progress over time. They can see which apps are widely adopted, and by which teams, as well as benchmark and identify which ones may need additional training on applications. This can be particularly valuable when an organization is transitioning from legacy tools to G Suite.


You can also use Work Insights to learn how your teams are collaborating across your organization. For example, an admin can quickly surface the percentage of users on the Sales team that are working with the Marketing team to see patterns, like if they’re working together in meetings or co-creating documents. This insight can help executives identify opportunities to strengthen collaboration and reduce siloes.


Understand and mitigate potential security risks with new investigation tool

Understanding what is happening within an organization is also important to operate securely, and businesses need a way to simplify their security management. We introduced the security center for G Suite earlier this year to help—bringing together security analytics, actionable insights and best practice recommendations from Google.

Today, we’re announcing the general availability of the investigation tool in security center, which adds integrated remediation to the prevention and detection capabilities already available. With this addition, admins can identify suspicious device activity, see if Google Drive have been shared externally and remove access, delete malicious emails and more.

The investigation tool, with its simple UI, makes it easier for admins to identify threats without having to worry about analyzing logs which can be time-consuming and require complex scripting. Powerful remediation controls enable admins to take action by scaling incident response across the entire domain with a few clicks . Investigation tool is available today for G Suite Enterprise customers. Learn more.

Use these insights from G Suite to augment how your teams work together or visit the G Suite website to learn more.

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