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Google Apps Marketplace is opening up to consumer end-users

September 8, 2016
Chris Han

Product Manager, Apps Developer Platform

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For over 6 years, the Google Apps Marketplace has been the #1 destination for administrators and business users within Google Apps domains to find, discover and install third-party apps and integrations that extend what they can do with Google Apps.

We are happy to announce that over the next few weeks, we are opening up the Google Apps Marketplace to consumer end-users, and wanted to give you a heads up as well as some technical guidance should you wish to make any changes or tweaks to your app. Here is what you need to know if you are a technology partner or developer building for the Google Apps Marketplace:

First, this change only applies to apps which have opted in to “Enable Individual Install” on the Google Apps Marketplace SDK located in the Developer Console. Apps not enabled with individual install will not appear to consumers, nor will they be installable for them.

Second, as a general best practice, we recommend that you do not use a user’s email address as a unique identifier. Email addresses for both consumer and business accounts can be renamed or changed. Make sure to always use the Google Account ID. For more information on sign in and security, please read this.

If you have questions or have any feedback regarding this development, please let us know here. We look forward to exposing what you’ve built to our broader community.

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