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Google Meet partners with Brandlive, broadens support for large-scale online events and webinars

April 3, 2024
Jennifer Shen

Director, Product Management, Google Workspace

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Businesses of all sizes rely on Google Meet for easy and secure video conferencing. Today, we’re introducing new capabilities to help them connect with their largest audiences. These include embedded live-streaming enhancements in Google Meet, and a new partnership with Brandlive for customizable and managed online events and webinars for up to 1 million participants. Google Workspace customers can now hold large-scale self-hosted events with Meet, or they can leverage Meet within the Brandlive platform for a more customized approach, including with features like branded sites and registration. 

Host end-to-end online events with Google Meet + Brandlive

Hosting large-scale online events and webinars often requires more than great video technology. You may need a full event management suite that covers everything from registration to post-event analytics and attendee follow-up. That's why we’re partnering with Brandlive, a leader in digital events, to let Workspace customers create interactive events and webinars with a rich feature set, production elements, and available support.* 

Our partnership enables Workspace customers to host events and webinars with the familiar, easy-to-use and secure Meet experience, integrated with Brandlive, for up to 1,000 participants. Brandlive provides customization through branded event sites, additional security throughout the registration process with Single Sign-On, and robust attendance/engagement analytics. In addition, customers can benefit from dedicated video production tools and creative support. Customer teams can use Brandlive tools to produce professional-grade video virtually or on-site with motion graphics, set designs, and more. They can also partner with Brandlive’s in-house creative agency for production support. For larger events, Workspace customers can live-stream events for up to 1 million participants on the Brandlive platform. The Google Meet integration with Brandlive is now available.

Google Meet experience in a Brandlive-hosted event

Scale your online events with live stream enhancements in Google Meet

Customers who want to host and manage their online events in-house and don’t need  pre- and post-event capabilities, like registration and follow-up communications, can choose from several options in Meet. First, in standard Meet meetings, you can host events with up to 1,000 participants for both internal and external audiences, and easily manage everything with support for up to 25 co-hosts.

For large-scale, broadcast-style events, Meet live streaming can support audiences of up to 100,000 viewers, either within an organization, or across trusted Workspace domains. This is ideal for company-wide announcements, training sessions, or online conferences where audience interaction is limited. Live-streamed events will also benefit from Meet's new eCDN capability, which has the potential to reduce bandwidth consumption to a fraction of the traffic volume. This allows you to deliver a high-quality experience without straining your internet connections. Introduced at Google Cloud Next ‘23, eCDN will be supported in Meet in the coming months.

Finally, for events targeting large, public audiences, you can still live stream directly from Meet to YouTube and reach up to 8 million viewers. This is ideal for major announcements, public-facing presentations, or any event where audience interaction is minimal. Meet live-streaming to YouTube has often been used by our public sector customers for events such as city council and town hall meetings and can be made accessible for on-demand viewing.

Choose the right Meet large-event approach for your needs

Greater flexibility for reaching and engaging the largest audiences with Meet

As businesses increasingly need to connect with global audiences, in and outside their organizations, Meet's new live streaming capabilities and our partnership with Brandlive offer the flexibility and scale that enterprise customers demand. 

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*Requires a separate Brandlive license

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