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Google Workspace helps marketing teams collaborate and innovate

Reclaim time for creativity and amplify your impact. Take productivity even further with generative AI features when you add Gemini for Workspace.

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Campaign ideas brainstorm using Google Docs
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Getting marketing materials out the door used to take weeks. With Docs, we can create, approve, and deliver assets in as little as 24 hours.

Leandro Perez, Senior Director of Product Marketing, Salesforce

How marketing teams use intelligent tools to go from insight to campaign launch with Google Workspace

Streamline common marketing workflows in your organization

Kick off projects efficiently

Get all of your collaborators aligned from the start

  • Use Spaces to connect with your team and external partners, organize files, and tasks

  • Host an easy-to-join video conference on Google Meet from any device

  • Plan your project together in Google Docs or Slides

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A man using Gemini to compose an email with the prompt "Introduce Eric as a new sales team member."

Unlock generative AI for your Marketing team

Improve collaboration and execution with Gemini for Workspace, which can help:

  • Generate large volumes of high-quality copy for web pages, SEO, thought leadership pieces, blogs, social media, and more in Docs and Gmail

  • Generate visual concepts in Slides for mood boards, ads, out-of-home billboards, and many other formats, from simple text prompts

  • Write new emails and replies in seconds in Gmail, and free up time to focus on more high impact work instead of inbox management

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Launch and optimize your campaign

Enhance your creative process and your impact

  • Track project milestones and KPIs, and surface insights using Google Sheets

  • Improve creative agility without the hassles of version control or edit locking

  • Debrief in Google Meet to review analytics, brainstorm revisions, and streamline processes

Marketing campaign project milestones tracked and shared with Google Sheets

Integrate with tools your team already uses

Work seamlessly across business apps without leaving Google Workspace

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Customize workflows and reduce busy work

Leverage AppSheet and Apps Script to empower marketing teams to spend less time on tedious tasks and more time driving impact

AppSheet and Apps Script working together.

How it's done at millions of companies around the world

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Loved by billions, including tomorrow's workforce, Google Workspace gives your marketing teams a better way to connect, create and collaborate.

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