5 ways cloud solutions can help your services stand out

Top benefits of Google Workspace for professional services

Successful services companies build their valuable reputations by collaborating effectively both internally and with their clients. These 5 tips share real-world examples of how industry leaders work closely with customers, build loyal teams, solve problems collaboratively, simplify project management, and hire the best people for long-term success.

1. Work closer with your customers

The award-winning ad agency M&C Saatchi turned to Google Workspace so it could collaborate more effectively with clients in the cloud. The agency uses Google Drive to keep huge design files in one place, allowing team members and client reviewers to edit or add comments without transferring the files. And Google Slides saves the day when presentation deadlines are looming—a primary author lays out the flow, then everyone else completes their individual slides on the fly.

Want to make it easy for everyone in your company to work closely with your customers? Store and share files up to 5TB in size, and collaborate on documents, spreadsheets and presentations using Google’s rich co-editing capabilities.

Cloud based tools such as Google Workspace and Drive ensure that we bring everyone together around a common purpose, and that means we can create faster, but we can also create smarter.

—Ben Cooper, Group Innovation Director, M&C Saatchi

Discover in one minute how creative agencies and customers can collaborate better.

2. Make everyone feel part of the team

Rentokil Initial has six lines of business spread out over more than 60 countries, which left some of its employees feeling detached from their co-workers. Google Workspace helped change the company’s culture by making it easier for everyone to connect. Teams now use Google Drive and Google Sites to share meaningful information about themselves and their work. Managing Directors can use Google Spaces to post highlights of their work trips. And Graduate Trainees have their own Google Group to share work experiences.

You can create a stronger sense of team at your company, too. Google Workspace makes it simple for a dispersed workforce to find and connect with colleagues. Managers can give everyone greater insight into your business by posting pictures and updates to Spaces. And every department can create its own online community to share insights and support mutual success.

Online sharing is helping us to become a more personal, sociable organization, which is important for staff retention and working culture.

—Peter Shorney, Global IT Operations Manager, Rentokil Initial

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3. Solve problems creatively through engaged collaboration

As one of the world’s largest consulting firms, PwC is all about solving business problems. But even they had a hard time implementing efficient collaboration processes until they started using Google Workspace. Now, PwC’s teams are even more collaborative, creative and inspired than before. One excellent example: Employees have been able to cancel 2–5 hours of status meetings per week by collaboratively solving problems ahead of time in Google Docs.

The strength of your business is built on the cumulative knowledge of your people, so let Google Workspace transform your workplace from siloed to open, from task oriented to engaged, and from a focus on individual productivity to a focus on teamwork. Use Google Sites to share insights, and Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides to work together in real time from anywhere in the world.

By giving our teams the right tools to collaborate, we’re helping them to create and compete in new ways. With Google Workspace tools, our teams are more engaged, productive and mobile. And we’re adding more value for our clients, at a faster pace, as a result.

—Deborah Bothun, US Entertainment, Media and Communications Leader, PwC

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4. Simplify project management and team communication

Grass Roots is a performance improvement company that depends on outstanding collaboration and communication to win the trust of its clients. When legacy systems couldn’t keep up, Google Workspace revolutionized the way their teams work together. Now, employees share and update project reports, timelines, calendars, budgets and work documents online in real time. And they stay in touch easily via email, IM or video conferences using their laptops and mobile devices.

Want to simplify project management and increase productivity? Use Google Docs, Sheets and Slides to collaborate on your work, and Calendar to keep everybody on the same schedule. You can also enhance your Google Workspace with hundreds of integrated third-party apps available in the Google Workspace Marketplace.

For many of our employees, Google Workspace is revolutionizing their team and project work. Teams are more organized because everything—including timelines, budgets and progress reports—are stored transparently with the latest updates available for all to see online.

—Danny Attias, CIO, Grass Roots

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5. Streamline recruiting and onboarding

When the multinational staffing agency Randstad wanted to modernize its email and collaboration solutions, they chose Google Workspace. Google’s integrated tools allow employees at 4,500 branches to work together seamlessly as they place over 500,000 people every day. The transition to Google was easy because many of Randstad’s employees already used Google tools like Gmail, Calendar, Drive and Chat in their personal lives, and wanted to use them at work, too.

Your company can use Google Workspace to attract the best people and onboard them quickly, even while choosing from a huge pool of candidates in diverse locations. Use shared Google Docs to work together on the perfect job description or to test a candidate’s writing or coding skills in real time. Track your interviewing pipeline status in online Google Sheets. And use Google Meet to conduct remote group interviews or to extend an enthusiastic offer to your top candidate.

We have a workforce of younger, web-savvy employees and we heard the feedback that they are quite familiar with Google tools … and that they'd like to use them at work too.

—Martijn Nykerk, Senior Consultant Group IT, Randstad

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