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AI for email marketing

Gemini for Google Workspace can help you personalize content and craft email copy that converts.

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To get Gemini for Google Workspace, you need an existing Workspace plan.

Gemini creates copy from a prompt with ‘help me write’, shown with a man on phone

Enhance your email marketing strategies with AI

Use AI to quickly scale your email marketing efforts to work smarter, not harder. With Gemini for Workspace, you can use Google Gemini as your research analyst, capable of helping you review large amounts of customer data stored in Google Drive. Help boost engagement by using Gemini for Workspace to assist in creating personalized email content tailored to your audience.

1. Boost engagement and conversions

Personalization paves the path to conversions! Gemini for Workspace can help you write engaging email content for different audience segments. Tap into Gemini’s ability to organize and summarize large quantities of customer data at-scale, transforming information around user behaviors and preferences into customized content.

2. Write like a pro

Get help creating high-converting email copy in minutes with Gemini for Workspace as your writing coach! Quickly generate text for email campaigns for different audiences and initiatives – from awareness campaigns to upcoming events, and product launches. Use Gemini for Workspace to create multiple subject line variations tailored to your recipients. Leverage Gemini in Sheets to organize data such as open rates, conversion rates, and more so that you can easily measure what content connects with your customers.

Person on laptop uses Gemini to help write an email.
3. Save time and resources

Gemini for Workspace can help you work more efficiently, automating the tedious tasks of creating email marketing campaigns. Leverage Google Gemini as a research assistant to help you analyze large amounts of data to improve personalization and optimize campaigns in real-time, eliminating the manual work involved. Gemini for Workspace also integrates with other third-party email marketing tools, allowing you to leverage AI’s automation capabilities in existing workflows. Clean up subscriber lists, automate responses, and more.

How to use Gemini in Gmail for email marketing

Gemini for Workspace makes it easy to kickstart your email marketing efforts. In the top right corner, Ask Gemini in Gmail to help you by choosing from a list of existing prompts. Or create detailed prompts to segment campaigns by the audience, personalized copy, and more. Take your email marketing capabilities even further by integrating Google Workspace with Salesforce or other third-party applications in the Google Workspace Marketplace.

AI prompts to boost your email marketing efforts

Draft customer acquisition communications

Let’s say you are a digital marketing manager and email is one of your company’s main channels of direct communication with prospects and customers. You want help getting started with copy for a new email campaign. You open up a new Google Doc, and you prompt Gemini in Docs by selecting Help me write. You type:

Write three different email subject lines that reference [audience segment] and our [product]. Make them catchy but professional.

Generate inbound marketing campaigns

Suppose you just launched a webpage prompting users to download an ebook. and you’re now running an inbound marketing campaign. You need to nurture the leads that downloaded your latest ebook. You open a new Google Doc, and you prompt Gemini in Docs by selecting Help me write. You type:

Generate copy for a sequence of five automated emails to nurture leads after they download the ebook on [topic]. Personalize emails with [name] and encourage further engagement [with other valuable resources or offers].

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Explore Gemini for Workspace

Gemini for Workspace can help you save time and improve performance across all phases of your email marketing campaigns.

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