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Working at the speed of fashion trends with Duet AI

November 15, 2023
Ranjan Roy

VP of Strategy, Adore Me

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Editorial note: Duet AI for Google Workspace is now Gemini for Google Workspace. Learn more. This post also appears in our LinkedIn newsletter AI@Work with Google Workspace.

Adore Me is an inclusive intimate apparel company with a mission to celebrate women for who they are. Our global teams use Google Workspace to connect and collaborate in service of that mission, creating products and experiences that support women through every stage of life. 

As the Vice President of Strategy, I’m responsible for streamlining operations and enabling our team to quickly bring products to market while never losing sight of our customer’s needs. When we joined the Trusted Tester program for Duet AI in Workspace, I was hopeful it would create efficiencies. Now I can say it has truly supercharged how we work. 

Generative AI in Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Slides has not only accelerated our product launches, but has also enhanced customer service and made our internal communications more inclusive.

Working at the speed of fashion trends — from 40 hours to one

One of Adore Me’s priorities is to consistently launch new products that reflect the diversity of our customers. We often release more than 80 items per month, and it’s important that each one has a unique product description. 

Each of our copywriters used to spend 30-40 hours per month writing those descriptions, but AI cuts that time down to about an hour. We use Vertex AI from Google Cloud to develop useful first drafts that our writers finesse before sending to our development team. This frees up our writers to spend more time on pie-in-the-sky ideation. Meanwhile, Duet AI helps us quickly update our website and mobile apps with new products and features by giving our developers and UX designers the ability to draft their own copy.

We've also been able to speed up the planning phase of our campaigns with help me organize. By entering a simple prompt like, “Create a project plan for a full-funnel marketing campaign around a spring product launch,” we get a first draft of a plan in Sheets to kickstart the project. And the results get better with every prompt. If the initial Sheet is missing a variable, we add feedback and Duet AI makes the change for us. This collaborative process helps us work even faster next time.

Exceed customer expectations 

Adore Me is always looking for new ways to connect with women, both through our styles and our customer experience. In a recent panel at Google Cloud Next, we highlighted our customer service team’s new initiative: using generative AI to craft personalized stylist notes based on individual preferences, purchase history, and product reviews. This helps our customers feel even more seen and valued.

Make communication more inclusive

With employees worldwide, Adore Me uses Duet AI’s real-time translations in Google Meet to break down language barriers and create a more inclusive workplace. That way, employees can focus on sharing their perspective instead of translating their thoughts. And even if someone can’t attend a meeting, they can stay informed. Meet automatically transcribes the conversation into a Doc, which Duet AI summarizes in just a few seconds. 

Making room for what matters

Adore Me is excited to continue using Duet AI to work smarter and create more time to prioritize what matters most to us: our customers. From operations and internal communication to marketing and customer service, Duet AI is permanently transforming the way we fulfill our mission.

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