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How It’s Done: Conquering the blank page to do more, together

June 28, 2023
Tricia Davis-Muffett

Senior Director, Google Workspace Customer Marketing

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Editorial note: Duet AI for Google Workspace is now Gemini for Google Workspace. Learn more.

Enabling teams to collaborate and achieve more is in our DNA at Google Workspace. Fifteen years ago, we introduced real-time co-authoring in Google Docs because our engineers wanted a faster way to build and innovate together. That’s why when you share a Doc, “editor”, not “viewer”, is the default-level access. Openness and transparency is at the heart of our culture and it’s at the heart of how we build our products. 

That way of working — dynamically and collaboratively — is not only core to how Google has grown, it’s also why millions of customers and billions of users choose Google Workspace. Whether it’s Airbus reimagining flight, Sony Pictures Imageworks launching a new blockbuster, the US Army delivering cutting-edge collaboration tools in remote and difficult-to-navigate locations, or a solopreneur wanting to take their business to the next level — our customers are game changers who choose Workspace because they want to work differently and create a culture of innovation. 

We recently launched a brand campaign built around this promise to help teams of all sizes connect and create to do their best work. The campaign brings to life the idea that teams use Google Workspace to conquer the blank page and achieve meaningful results faster. All teams can relate to that daunting feeling of taking the seed of an idea in a blank doc or an empty slide deck — and creating something great, together. While each business is unique, all teams share a need for secure, frictionless tools to conquer the blank page and close the gap between ambition and reality. Across digital banners, video, and audio, this campaign  shows that Google Workspace is How It’s Done.


Meeting a mini monster deadline

This How It’s Done ethos is truer than ever with generative AI infused across our tools to help our customers write and create like never before. Building on our work in AI over the last 7 years, Google Workspace now allows you to collaborate with Duet AI to build a plan, create a presentation, summarize a conversation, respond to that important email on the go, and more. Duet AI acts as a true thought partner to help teams get more done in less time. 

So here’s to empowering your teams to do their best work — conquering the blank page, the blinking cursor, the empty slide deck, and the unwritten email — to make more impact in this new era of work.

Go ahead, show us how it’s done.

Watch more videos here.

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